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How to Repair a Flat Roof with Liquid Roof

Roger repairs a troublesome flat roof that’s had several failed fix attempts.

Thanks to Everbuild for supplying materials: https://www.everbuild.co.uk

Liquid Roof all-weather system for waterproofing any flat or pitched roof

Sika Everbuild Sikalastic Fleece 120

Evercryl resin-based, fibre reinforced roof repair compound

Evercryl Emergency Roof Repair cartridge

JetVac Cleaning ~ Exterior cleaning specialist based in Canvey Island, Essex


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  1. Great job you did. I was shocked at what fool put bits of OSB under the air con units.

  2. Wouldn't give it 6 months more cheap quick fix solutions and when it doesn't work goess what you go back and buy more, until eventually when you've lost enough money your wife forces you to call us and do it properly 👍

  3. You, sir, just saved me about $6k. I can do this myself! THANK YOU!

  4. Hi Roger hope you're well, I've got a felted shed roof with a few leeks and was wondering if the acrylic would suit, thanks, Geoff

  5. Where can I buy that evergyrl as my roof leaks ,had roofers in still the same ,so I will do it myself

  6. How would you fill any ponding areas ?

  7. Just phoned Everbuild to be told “we only supply to our registered installers “. I asked “so you won’t sell it to me? They said “no”. What sort of way is this to run a business ?

  8. Thank You from the flat roof state of New Mexico USA

  9. These products are ok for a temporary repair .They are not cheap and have a limited life .also in my 40 plus years experience not many products work in the wet . That roof you are working on looks a nightmare to keep watertight.

  10. Can you apply this directly onto a concrete rooftop?

  11. I Did The Same As This Video,
    After 3 Years Start Cracking All Roof,
    It Is Good For Cool Weather Cities But
    Not Good For Hot Weather Like South

  12. What would be an alternative to fleece used in the video?

  13. Hi, can you walk on it after or will it crack, Thanks

  14. They have somewhere I can buy it in the United States and if not any other product I can buy in the United States that might work almost as good as Liquid Roof? 😊

  15. What is the best material for a flat roof? GRP or EPDM?

  16. Great video guys.
    What. Is the actual name. Of the fleece material

  17. We have pooling water on top of a felted roof covering, which has been put on top of a poured concrete roof, which drains the wrong way. What product / method should be used to level out the liw spots? Presume it would be best to remove the old felt, rayher thancover over with another product?

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