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Replacing or installing a GFCI outlet is a pretty simple task if you take your time and follow these simple steps.
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  1. How about testing the top connection

  2. Nice job and thanks for the video. If I cannot run the wire inside the wall (brick veneer) what is the proper way to run wire to the box? Would any conduit be acceptable? Does the box need to be plastic if externally mounted to the brick wall?

  3. Literally in the woods wasted 3hrs and 50% battery to load 3 different videos this morning with your video was first and I'm outside and Is 8min I'm done. Thank you.

  4. 2:51 I see that you cut groves into the copper wires. When you push it into blue box you will create a weak point where it will fail or just snap. You cannot mar the copper wires.

  5. Do you have a video about plugs going downstream? I know their a four outlets protected by the current dead GFCI.

  6. I probably exceed the F-bomb quota just opening my toolbox. Good vid!

  7. Does it matter which hole at each port you use. There are 2 at each terminal… does it matter which terminal you use for input and which you use for output???

  8. Thought that was an install if you don't have a ground wire. So what is it?

  9. Your dumb link to the "tools list" takes the user to your amazon page that has every other projects' tools listed except the for outlet install!!!

  10. I have one in my kitchen. It has two buttons on it and a light. Two problems. The light is on and there is no power in either outlet. I had my coffee pot there and it worked fine until I got a new coffee pot. I must have hit one of the buttons on the outlet. The second problem is that I cannot get the plug to fit in the outlet. It is the same exact plug on my other coffee pot but I can not get it to fit into the outlet. Could this be because it is not reset? And how do I reset it. I pushed the button and nothing happened.

  11. Well…nice try, but this didn't tell me a thing about GFCI…all I saw was somebody replacing an outlet. Where can you install these in series and which is the "Load" side and the "Line" side?

  12. Crap Video. How do you install into the little holes

  13. What if your house is older and the wiring is only 2 wires and no ground wire. What do I do then?

  14. Helpful without being a 30 minute video. Thank you

  15. What size csble do the outlets take? Can they take 10 ga?

  16. Double line though, broski

  17. Uh huh 🤔 you cut the wire with a pair of tin snips. Lol I guess what ever works

  18. Great tips fast and right to point thank you

  19. Amazing how much someone will charge to replace one of these.

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