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How to fix a chipped, cracked or broken tooth MyDentCart | Cracked tooth repair | Broken Tooth

How to fix a chipped, cracked or broken tooth MyDentCart
How to repair chipped tooth and how cracked tooth repair.

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  1. How does it work i need to repair my teeths 😢

  2. Can you help me get my teeth fixed ? Please 😢

  3. for those wondering, the blue stuff they put on in the beginning is so they can see what the tooth looks like when it is blue

  4. If you bite an apple and twist it sharply with your hand, will the tooth break?

  5. y the f would u make a tooth that huge compared to all the other teeth that is just some 80 iq sheeet

  6. What an amazing job
    Wow, that was done perfectly.
    You can just tell whoever this dentist is, loves their job

  7. why this looks like a bad quality Discord meme lmao 💀

  8. What about tooth becoming transparent? The tip of my front teeth starting to do that and they feel very sensitive even just licking them from behind

  9. Can it bite some hard things?

  10. I am watching this today because I broked by two front teeth while swimming.😢😢😢

  11. Very satisfying video, I enjoyed watching it…the background music it's very relaxing. The outcome was awesome. The dentist did a good job.😊👍🏻

  12. Is thi permanent solution or not

  13. Approximately 4 years ago, while I was walking downstairs, I accidently slipped, and my front tooth got broken. There was no pain or swelling, but I was really tensed seeing my upper front tooth broken, as it looked so ugly. I immediately rushed to Teeth Care Centre, to my dentist Dr. Pankti Patel, who, I got to know is a cosmetic dentist as well, and indeed the best one. When I described the incident, she thoroughly evaluated my mouth and teeth, to look for any serious internal injuries, but there were none by God’s grace. After that she suggested me to go for a filling of my front tooth. The filling took nearly an hour or so. There was no pain whatsoever during the whole procedure. After the treatment was over, and when I had a look in the mirror, I was stunned to see my tooth again. I myself wasn’t able to make out that the tooth was even broken. It was done with utter perfection. My tooth looked exactly like it was before, and I can say even better. It’s been more than 3 years now, and it still looks the same. I would definitely recommend Teeth Care Centre in Ahmedabad, India, for any sort of dental issue, as they are the go-to solution for any dental problem.
    Below I'm attaching a link for anybody who needs it.

  14. Kitna ₹_ me ho jaega sir😢😢

  15. Sir asi ilaaj karvane se dant parmanet hota hai kiya

  16. मैं पांचवी कक्षा में पढ़ती थी जब स्कूल में गिरने की वजह से मेरे सामने की दोनों दांत आधे आधे टूट गए इस वजह से स्माइल करने पर दांतों की त्रिभुज वाली टूटी आकृति दिखती है यह मेरे लिए एक श्रम का विषय बन गई है मुझे हर जगह बोलने पर जीजा होती है मैं अभी 19 वर्ष की हूं क्या यह सर्जरी मेरे दांतों को वापस ठीक करवा सकती हैं कृपया बताएं

  17. Please aapka clinic kaha h mujhe bhi karani h tritment sur location

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