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How To Install Forge For Minecraft

0:00 Intro
0:23 What is Forge?
0:43 Pre-Installation
2:07 Downloading Forge
3:02 Installing Forge

In this video, we will guide you through what Forge is for Minecraft and the exact steps for installing it into your game.

– Java: https://java.com/en/
– Forge: https://files.minecraftforge.net/

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How To Install Forge For Minecraft


  1. Help! When I try to run the forge installer it opens a command prompt for a split second and then it closes. then nothing happens! It Does not open the installer! Been trying to figure this out for 2 days now! HELP!


  3. im using java but it wont let me open the forge installer

  4. it gives me error exit code 1

  5. java is not working dont know why?

  6. it says the conecttion for the site is unsecure whar do i do

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  8. I have a problem.
    It asked me what do I open with, how do I get past that?

  9. my java installer dont open because of an error

  10. Anyone knows what mods she using+ map?
    Looks really pretty

  11. HOW in my written error HOWWWWW!

  12. they said there was a video about how to download a mod, but it doesn't apear. can anyone help

  13. my java wont open the file what do i do?

  14. Can you make more forge installs? Like Modpack 1, Modpack 2 and Modpack 3


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