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How to repair a broken plastic bucket and save some money

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How to repair a plastic bucket bowl
How to repair a plastic bucket
How to repair a broken plastic bucket tank

In this video I show you how to repair a broken plastic bucket

Just have a piece of plastic, source of heat to melt that plastic and a knife then follow the steps that I showed in this video

Put that piece on fire to melt it a little bit then drop that melted plastic on the broken part of your plastic bucket or tank

Repeat the same process until you have fixed all of the leaking holes from your plastic container and be careful don’t forget to give your plastic mold a little bit of time to cool down and hold the broken pieces together before continuing dropping another melted plastics

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How to repair a leaking plastic bucket
How to repair a leaking plastic bowl
How to fix a broken plastic bucket

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  1. Can I use a plastic coke bottle gi this

  2. …or you can use hot glue.

  3. Probably need hospital treatment for breathing in the toxic fumes from the burning plastic ffs

  4. What a fucking waste of time.

  5. this idea is no good burning plastic is so toxic and this will not work longer..

  6. আপনার মাথা মুন্ডু হয়েছে। দেখতে বাজে হয়েছে ও দুদিন পরে খুলে যায়।

  7. u can also use stick glue its better..

  8. Why any body gives this video, which everybody knows?
    Try to give new ideas.
    Otherwise it will be rubbish.

  9. You are a genius thanks for the lesson

  10. But,will it be strong?or it'll rebreak?

  11. Kon kon apne ghar ka tap repair kar ne aaya hai mummy se bachne ki liye

  12. My idea is simple just sell it to the junkshop per kilo and buy a new one !

  13. Mei ne bhi shopping bag melt kr k uski space ko fill Kiya aur use ho raha hai koi issue nhi….

  14. I always thought away I will try out this

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