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How to install a car amplifier | Crutchfield DIY video

Car amps at Crutchfield: http://goo.gl/MPlG2q

Check out a typical car amplifier installation in this short video. When you buy your amp from Crutchfield, you’ll have access to our technical support experts, who can help you if you hit any snags during installation.

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  1. if I don’t have an after market stereo with pre amp outputs, what amp do you recommend that has speaker level inputs ? ( on a budget). Thank you 🙂

  2. I have 2 questions –

    1. What did you use to seal the crack on the rubber grommet for weather protection ?

    2. Did you use double-sided tape to mount the fuse holder? If yes, which tape would you recommend, or if you could share a link to buy it ?

  3. just bought some pioneer ts-a6880f (350 Watts Max Power) what amp do you recommend? and does that wiring kit coming with everything needed?

  4. which inputs do i connect my rca’s to specifically?

  5. I wired mine up like this verified all my connections good. My amp turns off and into protection mode as soon as the sun hits. 800w system on a stock 2022 Corolla le. Is it possible my battery output is to little?

  6. Great video! Ironically, I watched this to help get an idea of what goes into installing one of these things because I need to rip out the absolute dog's breakfast of an install that was done by a stupid and incompetent former owner of a vehicle I just bought lol. The install is such trash that it screwed up the vehicle's electrical system, tripping various warning lights intermittently, the amp is right infront of the passenger seat with a mess of wires spewing out of it, and to top it off, the idiot undid the seatbelt sensor wire causing the seatbelt warning light to constantly go off.

  7. What about the negative? . Will the amplefeir work with only the positive connected

  8. Subscribed to your channel!

  9. Thanks for the video! Great informative diy tutorial!

  10. What's the order of positive to negative?

  11. So where did the wires to connect to the speaker come from?

  12. this is still so confusing as a beginner lol, im just slow with these types of things

  13. instructions not clear eyelids caught in zipper…

  14. I may be wrong but it looks like he crossed his rca's and my ocd does not like that 🤔

  15. Looking to install a kicker 400 watts amp from a previous car to my 2022 kia ev6 which is fully electric. Do I wire the amp + wire directly to the car battery like in gasoline cars? Can I just jump remote for turning on n off from same power source? Thank you answer my question in advance. Happy holidays!

  16. Thanks for this video! It's really very helpful. 👍🏾

  17. What if you don't have a remote turn on lead? I'm getting a ton of back ground noise. I have constant and accessory. I need help!

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