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5 UNIQUE and TOP ways to EARN from CREDIT CARDS in 2023! | Ankur Warikoo Hindi

Did you know there are multiple ways you can earn money by using your credit cards?
But how does that even work?
Is there something that you should be doing differently?

In this video, we will talk about 5 ways you can earn money from a credit card.

Know more about CRED here: https://app.cred.club/spQx/567ddy6q

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Making money through credit cards: https://bit.ly/3R9E4Sh
Know all about CIBIL score: https://bit.ly/3IFjMvU

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  1. Know more about CRED here: https://app.cred.club/spQx/567ddy6q

    Check out my former videos on:

    Making money through credit cards: https://bit.ly/3R9E4Sh

    Know all about CIBIL score: https://bit.ly/3IFjMvU

  2. Customers pay GST on No cost EMI:
    In a no cost EMI, you provide a discount on the principal. The monthly installment paid by the customer consists of this principal and the interest. As the issuing banks still charge the interest, the customer will be charged the GST on interest by the bank.

  3. Are you from faridabad sir

  4. What abaout Gst amount on emi ??

  5. Ager cibil low h to interst b low hona chahiye

  6. You suggest make FD . Then who pay emi.

  7. What if I pay my outstanding amount before month end? Does it get included in the bill i recieve? Does if affect my cibil score?

  8. if a call from credit card company comes, i will take up that offer previously i was frightened ….

  9. Hi, Credit card ka usage hum ko jo limit mil gaya usme 30% use karna hy good Cibil score maintain karne ke liye "Buy now pay later" same esi tarah hy kya?

  10. IN internet free EMI, I can't make FD of full amount for 6 months as I have to EMI also every month.

  11. Why are you miguiding? Monthly payment kya fb todke karoge? Makes no sense.

  12. This is a lie. Credit cards always charge you something.

  13. Bakwas hai Saab pura fraud
    Baigan mein Mila jatha Aisa kare tho

  14. Instead of FD , I am putting my money in small case's ARQ prime and Growth and Income. It gives a better return and is stable. Note : Keep an eye on the charges when when u buy and sell, small case do not show it after u have purchased or sold the stock.

  15. What about processing fee of credit card ? Basically it takes 100-200 as processing charge for each month even it is no cost emi. So need to reduce each month processing fee from total earnings, right ??

  16. I've noticed a pattern in his video, he always does something in the calculations that makes me go mad, like here in the phone example, any fool can tell that the calculations didn't make no sense.

  17. Reward Point redeem on Credit Card is a SCAM if the amount is less. HDFC Bank credit card reward points redeem for 400 points conversion value is 100 cash back coupon of brand which you don't even want to use to buy and for that processing fees is Rs – 300/-.In simple words if you want to redeem your 400 reward points you will loose 300 rupees as processing fees for getting an useless 100 rupees cash back coupon.

  18. Hi Ankur, In last video on credit card, you mentioned to use Liquid MF and in this video you are suggesting FD. So, which is better FD or Liquid MF?

  19. most of the time the slashed price is still higher than other platform and the cred coins are such a useless thing

  20. Are waah sir, sch m video watch krke mzaa aa gyaπŸ™‚

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