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How to Install Vinyl Flooring

Installing vinyl planks is an easy DIY project that will help you refresh any room with brand new flooring. Learn how to install vinyl plank flooring with our easy step-by-step guide and video. We’ll show you how to cut vinyl plank flooring and stagger rows for a beautiful floor that requires no underlayment. For full DIY steps: https://bit.ly/34C3qQj

Get more Ideas & DIY Projects from the Home Depot Canada: https://bit.ly/2RD8aA5

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  1. Home depo has gone full woke so don’t expect professional advice from the bimbos.

  2. 50% of the video was an advertisement.. hd sucks

  3. I'm not going to even watch this video because of this creepy weird childish music

  4. What do you do against bathtubs edge since there is no baseboard?

  5. We installed this and the sun comes through the window and it buckles. So I would advise adhesive unless you have no windows in your house.

  6. Can I installed vinal planks on outdoor deck

  7. Hello
    Do I have to remove the spacer before install the baseboard? Thanks.

  8. Why so complicated? Just install and cut where needed

  9. Be careful when buying @Lifeproof Vinyl plank flooring. A lot depends on the constant temperature of the house or building it is being installed in. It will buckle and separate if there is Direct Sunlight coming in from windows or doors. I have 2000 Sq ft I installed and was recommended by the sales associate to buy and install underlayment at the extra cost of over $1000.00 and when the building starts to warm up in the summer the floor lifts at the joints and creates a tripping hazard. I contacted @Homedepot and basically, after 6 months of going through various hoops to resolve the issue they basically take no responsibility for their sales associate's recommendations of selling me underlayment that wasn't necessary to use. Now I have over $6000.00 of Flooring and underlayment that will most likely have to be ripped out!

  10. I was watching and I misscicked and now I'm here help

  11. That chip board is pathetic. Floors should always be plywood

  12. Can I eat it it looks rlly good

  13. I'm deaf, can someone help me? What are kitchen bats and where are they located in the kitchen exactly?

  14. Would it be good for dogs my dog has a lot of accidents were just for the durable? And can you get it in different colours

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