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How to repair stripped threads in aluminium or steel | three different methods

Stripped threads in aluminium components or steel components can be common and in many cases, you might not know how to fix the problem. This video shows three different ways of fixing a stripped bolt hole in aluminium and steel. The first technique is to drill the hole out and tap it to the next tapping size up, then there are Heli-coil type inserts and finally Wurth Time-serts.


  1. Where do I buy this paste? I'm working on a motor mount for my mom's Honda Civic! The these is toast… It was a 12 1.25 but I jumped up to 12 1.75

  2. how to replace stripped screws in concrete

  3. ahhh i was pulling the tang to try and remove it and ended up giving up after 3 attempts.. ruined it

  4. Hi Handyman is there anyway to prevent damage thread from happening? Because there are difficult spaces that take great deal of work to dismantle…. So I guess prevent thread damage most ideal solution

  5. OMG I'm so glad I found this video. I asked " DIY fix stripped screw-together post " I bought this lamp at Salvation Army Second Hand Shop for $40. As soon as I brought it home it fell apart in 3 pieces. I tried to screw it back, but the threads are all stripped. I don't know how they got it to stand up in the store and long enough until I get home. LOL I thought I purchased a treasure, but now feel like I paid them 40 bucks to throw away a broken lamp. I'm glad I didn't throw it away. Thank you for these videos……js ( I almost did something really dumb which was try to superglue it. hehehe )

  6. Using the helicoil one thing I also do to make sure that it doesn't move after installing is I put some loctite on it and let that dry before bolting the component down

  7. I'm wondering if chemical anchor would work, one designed for small threads. They are usually for concrete, but believe if the hole still has some threads, it would grip on that. This would be a one-time screw insert, after that it hardens in the hole.

  8. Goodday what size drill do i need if i want to go from m8 to m 10?

  9. The comment section speaks highly of you, going to subscribe

  10. I've milled a number of parts and recently I had a piece that I finished beautifully and of course I had to go and cross thread it when assembling the pieces. I'm not comfortable stepping up the bolt size as there isn't that much material to work with which leaves me with helicoils. I've never used them and I must say the thought of it has been most daunting for lack of understanding. While your video did not come out and directly mention bit and tap sizes, it helped me better understand how they work. I have a 1/4-28 bolt and if I want to continue using that same size bolt then I would need a 1/4-28 repair kit which enlargens the hole ever so slightly to accomodate new threads to seat the coil which then gives us back the original threading. Thanks for the video!

  11. Great video lad…so informativeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. Thanks😁 getting ready to time sert valve cover bolts, they are at an angle and very close to edge of head😐 but i think if i use the handle like you did and maybe cutting oil-go slow n steady i will be okπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Hoping😁

  13. Why we can't go with the same 6mm instead?

  14. Your videos cured my hangover hehe,thanks,new subscriber here🍻

  15. Thank you. This is just what i needed to work on a part in my car.

    Looking for some reasonably priced kits and do it at home

  16. Hi, not on topic but wanted your advice on insulating a mobile home with metal walls on a budget. Not enough money to carry out external cladding so most works must be internal but concerned about potential mould growth if I just use a product such as self adhesive Solar Bay Thermal and Acoustic XPEMP Foam Insulation. The foam side would be adhered to the internal metal wall with the reflective side showing but surely I would need a vapour barrier underneath the foam or do you think it would be ok? If I can't get away with this and I have to first apply a water vapour material underneath the foam then could I apply aluminium bubble foil with strong spray adhesive as I can't find any self-adhesive water vapour options for metal walls. Apologies for long explanation but gets very cold internally despite central heating as heat just escapes through poorly insulated metal on metal walls and very expensive to heat when you are on a tight budget.

  17. is there any way to fill the hole and retape to the same size

  18. Very therapeutic viewing ….

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