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How to Install Car Blind Spot Mirrors – Installation Guide

Buy Blind Spot Mirrors here on Amazon – https://amzn.to/3ha2Gu8

QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: Blind spot mirrors boast small swivel mounting brackets for rapid, hassle-free installation in seconds

ADJUSTABLE VISIBILITY: Our newest upgrade 360-degree rotation mirrors offer adjustable visibility, protecting you in every scenario

POWERFUL ADHESIVE: Equipped with super strong all whether bonding strip so you don’t have to worry about the mirrors falling off

SAFETY FIRST: Convex mirrors increase safety by eliminating blind spots for safer driving when passing and changing lanes on any road

UNIVERSAL FIT: Regardless of the vehicle blind spot mirrors are essential safety accessories for all cars, vans, trucks, SUV’s and RVs

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  1. Thanks so much for your direct, no BS, straight forward explanation. I got mine from Temu for like $1.17 but there basically were no directions. Like I said in my review of YouTube "if it isn't on YouTube, it probably doesn't exist." Again, many thanks!

  2. Should I place upside or downside?

  3. Singer sr gana ta ada holak j pura
    Nai holak j kalai …

  4. I got it from amazon today, wonderful explanation, thank you so much, Merci beaucoup❤

  5. So will these not come off when your getting your car washed with a guy using a jet wash ?

  6. maybe someday in America they will invent a normal right mirror …

  7. The passenger side mirror is much more trickier to adjust

  8. Excellent video will save us all money from having an accident

  9. Its February the 6th now 2023…Winter,in orher words…I bought this exact brand and i wonder if ibshould install it now or wait untill the weather gets warmer in case the glue doesnt hold because of the low temperature…Also i wonder if it might hold up when i clean my car…Also at Winter time..The water preassure is extremly high if you hold it close enough and I'm afraid it will peel off the small mirror….What a dilema ey….? For a 3$…Just kiddinn,it's not about the money..I rlly need this thing to stay stuck so i can see that dead angle..I have an Audi A5 and the review visibility is horrible…So i desperately need theese( to stay stuck especially)

  10. Should’ve watched this first, used superglue cos I didn’t realise part of the sticker came off

  11. Is there a reason why you installed it in the lower area instead of upper?

  12. Lol. There are 4 possible positions for the placement of the mirror, and no mention of which is ideal. Another terrible video where Trump-like individuals enjoy.

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