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How to Repair a Damaged Composite Canoe or Kayak – Carbon/Kevlar Fibre

Step-by-step video tutorial showing how to repair light damage to a broken or damaged composite kayak, canoe or boat:
Using Kevlar flat braid, carbon/kevlar reinforcement fabric and epoxy resin we patch-up impact damage on a water polo kayak. All equipment and supplies available from Easy Composites Ltd.


  1. Excellent explanatory. Thanks.

  2. There is a trick that few people do or know that will make the bond 1000 times stronger, but you got to use some slow cure epoxy.
    Always hit the part with heat until its as thin as gasoline try and keep it there for a few seconds without it smoking. If to much epoxy dripped off just add more. You don't need to hit it with heat a second time unless you're baking it in the oven.
    What this does is it turns the epoxy so thin that it fits into all the micro scratches grains and spaces this makes the bond literally more than twice and strong.
    I used to make kiteboards and a repair over cured epoxy was worthless without heating it up.
    You can do a test, put some fiberglass and epoxy over glass and let it cure in room temperature leave a little fiberglass off so you can pull on it later.
    Then do another one and heat it with a heat gun for a few seconds till it turns super thin then let it cure.
    After they are both cured you will never be able to pull the heated epoxy off the glass.
    The unheated one will pop off quiet easy depending on the room temperature it was curing in.
    This makes such a strong bond Im willing to bet it would be stronger even if the part to repair was not sanded.

  3. Does the same technique apply to squishy patches. I have a large patch on the bottom of my canoe polo boat that has lost its structure but it’s not cracked or visibly damaged. Would this benefit from a patch?

  4. Love the video. It realy encourages everyone to start. The way the front is repaired is awesome and over average. The sides made my OCD going mental when the pattern of the fiber did not match . Haha lol.

  5. thank you that was very thorough and informative

  6. very helpful info and demonstration, thank you!

  7. Mate, your hair! Just went back through the older videos and saw what you had years ago. Rockstar.

  8. I'm having trouble finding the release film in the USA. Can you give a bit more info, like what 3M number it is? Thanks!

  9. The long hair, you look like people in the 80s. Video was 8yrs ago, thank you for your hard work.

  10. This is the only example I've been able to find so far for using release film in hand layup without a vacuum bag. Is there anything special about this film? Could you use regular shrink wrap? In any case, it seems like a good way to get a nice finish on something too large to vacuum bag.

  11. Also beim besten Willen. Das ist Pfusch und keine fachgerechte Reparatur

  12. In Australia I am having trouble locating non perforated release film. Any ideas on suppliers down here?

  13. Could you make a video about how to polish these kind of Kayaks?

  14. Ive been watching your videos since the carbon mods days, how did i miss your point break hairdoo????

  15. A list of all used materials on your website would be perfect. to be able to buy them all at once.

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