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The Meaning Of Respect & How To Earn It

Everyone wants to be respected, but today’s society, again, blinds you all into thinking that respect is freely given, that your mere existence as a human being is worthy of respect. Well guess what? Respect is never given unless they are earned and deservingly given, you must be someone of value and someone who demonstrates & enforces value, integrity and competence consistently through a significant amount of time. The brutal truth of this world is, people only respect those who can add value to them and those who are socially proven and perceived to be of value.

So your delusion of “Respecting everyone” is an absolute lie. People who respect everyone are people who does not stand for anything, and whose worth is meaningless even to themselves. People who give respect so easily diminishes other’s respect for them, and eventually their own respect for themselves, as their approval becomes too common and too effortlessly acquired. Everything begins with you, to earn respect from others, you must respect yourself.

Time Code:
Intro – 0:00 – 1:01
Respect Must Be Earned – 1:02 – 1:32
3 Qualities A Man Must Have To Earn Respect – 1:33 – 2:41
Social Proof Can Affect Respectability – 2:42 – 3:11
Should You Respect Everyone? – 3:12 – 4:00
People With Fake Respect – 4:01 – 4:58
Dealing With Disrespect – 4:59 – 5:57
Respect & Enemies – 5:58 – 8:21
Respect Starts With You! & Outro – 8:22 – 9:26

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  1. Respect is only enforced boundaries.

  2. Everything you said is a very beautiful truth. I wish I had someone like you in my life – a role model

  3. it's true weak minded people can't accept anything

  4. Rivals: USA vs RUSSIA or CHINA
    Mortals: LEFT vs RIGHT Ideologies in America

  5. Mfks got no respect these days they just gotta accept

  6. highschooler here, every young man should here this, ur doing good for the world

  7. It must be given, people can pretend to give it but its not the same.

  8. Most of respect comes from fear,real…respect is accepting n let go.

  9. 5:35 for the ignorant haters and doubters against those few willing to keep goin through the toughest

  10. I wish I could invest into small channels like stocks, because this channel has a lot of potential. Keep it up my friend.

  11. Core values gentlemen, core values…

  12. I don’t I think I have ever heard this conveyed any better…bravo, bravo

  13. Amazing channel. Subscribed.

  14. Hi, when you speak, do so slower and articulate your words, makes it easier for us to understand and appreciate that hard work you put into your videos.

  15. Whoever you are, you are a very wise man and thank you for creating these videos much appreciated.

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