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How To Properly Repair a Tire

There are a few different methods you can use for tire repair. The method I show in this video is considered the ‘best possible tire repair’. This method is also known as the “Tire Plug/Patch Repair”.

**Be sure to check with your tire manufacture to see what repairs are acceptable with their products.


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Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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“Sticher” (roller wheel): https://amzn.to/3GRMBU2

Carbide Cutter (special drill bit): https://amzn.to/3nNUDpw

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Rubber Cement: https://amzn.to/3qM2hma

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  1. I hope this video explains to the cheap bastards out there why it cost $40 bucks to fix your tire 😂
    Nobody works for free

  2. This is good for people with a shop but for someone who wants to fix it quick a tire plug is the way to go.

  3. I respectfully disagree with this video, and I’m a very big fan btw. I understand that plugs are not DOT certified, but frankly that doesn’t mean squat to me. The patches may be a more “correct” way to fix a flat, but I don’t want to have to take the tire to a shop, I want to do the work myself.
    I see why you like the middle ground of patch-plugs but I’ve seen many people have issues with those soon after install. If you watch Project Farms tire fix video you’ll see they require very little force to come out.
    Now, with regular plugs, I have never ever in my life had a problem using them. They’re cheap, quick to install, and by god are they great. Project farm put 100 plugs in a tire in the same video I mentioned, and his truck drove perfectly fine. These things really are like magic and it’s about time the DOT realizes they’re wrong

  4. Lol! This video is exactly why you tire repair shop fuckers are going out of business.

    I have 3 plugs on my q3 and I live in canada. Been running for over 3 years now

  5. Best tire patch I’ve seen yet. How do I do this on the side of the road?

  6. I don't have rubber cement (for tyres) available in my place. After applying the plug patch, can I use any alternative to seal the exposed rubber. Sounds like a foolish idea but can I use something like a "Threebond high temperature RTV sealant" which is used in gasket making for oil pans, etc? At the end, it is a slicone rubber, right?

  7. This is B.S. and screw regulations🖕. After he drilled out that tire the negative integrity was no different than if you did it. The tar plug works great because once inserted, the pressure of the rubber around it will seal..Especially after the tire heat up from driving. There won't be a void. That plug will get hard…SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!! They are always out to fux you over

  8. Great demo.thanks for the demo

  9. Is this how places like Goodyear patch tires for $25?

  10. And buffing tire is critical. When you buff the tire there were some unbuffed area and if a plug patch seats on the small unbuffed area, that could be the reason why plug patch comes off and not sealed well.

  11. I also pull nails out after separating tires and rims apart that helps me easy to see the puncture area and I can inspect inside of the tire. Sometimes a customer can decline the repair, so in that case, it is better to leave the nail in.

  12. 7:30 is that bead sealer? Or other type of sealer? Because bead sealer and vulcanizer can cause chemical reaction, that could be the reason why the plug patch come off or don't seal properly so we recommend don't put bead sealer afterwards.

  13. I am impressed ! I hope that's what my shop did today.

  14. Nice presentation, but pretty much impractical out on the road where the sticky rope plug kit with rubber solvent cement is best solution. It is rare for a DIY person to have a tire change stand and balnce device. Two chief incentives for tire companies to discourage tire repairs; one, they are in business to sell tires and, two, they have lawyers advising them. I am fortunate to have equipment to demount and mount. I can verify balance with a sstatic balancer. I have the patch plugs and flat patches and solvent glue and sealer; but I do not replace sticky ropes that have properly sealed and vulcanized into the tire. If the sticky rope is not sealing, I will patch plug if the damage allows.

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