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How To Repair Chips & Scratches On Your Bike | Professional Frame Painter's Repair Guide

There’s no worse feeling than finding a chip or scratch in your bike’s paint work. Seeing your pride and joy looking less than perfect can be really disheartening, and you might want to get it repaired! In this video, Manon visits Fat Creations to learn how professional frame painters repair damaged paint work and gets a few pro tips that you can try at home!

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Does your bike have any scratches or chips? Do you want to try to repair them yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Does your bike have any scratches or chips? Do you want to try to repair them yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. When matching paints with home mixing, its very difficult to get a perfect match. If you match a little too dark, it will just look like a bit of dirt in the paint in that area, and it's less obvious than matching a little bit too light.

  3. I have 20-year old alloy road bike frame, dark colour. When I get occasional scratches and chips through to the primer or metal I dab the spot with a black permanent marker pen, then buff around it with a micro-fibre cloth. It is not a proper repair, but keeps my old pride and joy looking neat, tidy and loved.

  4. What about alum-alloy silver frames that only have a gloss on them??

  5. bondo is crap, fill a paint chip with bondo? the factory paint was that thick, y not make the repair the same, or if youre going to fill it fill it with carbon fiber.

  6. Yeah I have a few scratches and chips. I actually want to get my bike repainted. Because I wasn't crazy about the paint job to start with. It's a 13' Supersix. So it's due for a new color. What's a good place to have it done?

  7. Good video and I'm amazed how professional craftworker is, not common nowadays.

  8. with all that work would hate to think how much the frame cost orginally

  9. Its hard for me cause my bike that got scratches on is the carrera vengeance ( green version) so the texture type of it is like galaxy type of green and not plain color. Any thoughts to solve this problem? if so please comment down below

  10. Thanks for this but my view is for mountain bike dont bother! Its meant to have hard life but then they are stronger made and also aluminum means no rust issues

  11. What’s the masking material around the scratch before painting? Is it plasticine?

  12. Should've gotten better and more close-ups of what he was doing.

  13. I appreciate the craftmanship but I'll happily rock the small chips.

  14. What is the white masking material used?

  15. How did you match the paint to the factory colour? I refurbish old frames from the 80s and 90s and I always have chips like this. I get the filling, sanding, and priming, but I seldom get a decent match.

  16. is this waterproof in rain?

  17. "a small chip"… I'd like to introduce you to my two bikes: scratched all to hell and her sister halfway to hell

  18. Yeah especially black like mine just look at it can scratch. I thought i was the only one who cared about stuff like that don't tell anyone ok
    But I wax my bike bout every six months i know i know and I'll deny it if you tell anyone. Lol

  19. I have a set of car touch-up paint for each of my bikes with a colour that comes very close. I have painted my 2021 Trek Domane AL Disc many times, the paint is extremely thin and susceptible to damage and I had to paint the whole head tube… Thank goodness the colour Purple Abyss matches really close with Volkswagen's LA4X Ultra Violet Metallic.

    There is not a single tube on this bike that has at least three or more chips on it.

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