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How to Repair a Hole in a T-Shirt

Say goodbye to those annoying tiny t-shirt holes with this quick and easy repair!

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  1. SOS help help, Sorry I totally no knowledge of sewing, what is lightweight cutaway ? Where to buy it ?

  2. I bought a shirt from Etsy. It has a small hole. Returning something is a pain in the ass.
    I hope I can find these repair materials….somewhere

  3. Is there any specific procedure for the first method if the hole is directly by a graphic on a tshirt?

  4. Am i the only one with a cat that likes to get their attention by grabbing their shoulder and hanging on their sleeve

  5. I tried but the moist rag sticks to the fusing mesh. And when I peel the rag out, it makes the hole bigger. What I’m I doing wrong here?? So frustrating 😢

  6. Wait! Noone’s gonna talk about her insanely gorgeous pink plaid nails! 🤦‍♀️🤯🫶😊

  7. That's amazing. I have many short and long sleeve t-shirts and I have no idea where the holes come from, but appear they do! Now, I'll have a go with the fushion web stuff you showed. Brilliant!

  8. Hi Tova. Thanks for the ideas. I've not been able to use the no sew option as the bonding irritates my skin (or maybe it is the glue in the bonding). I've had success with darning holes in tee shirts, but the tiny pin holes make for tedious work! I've toyed with the idea of using the darning setting on my sewing machine, but every video I've seen makes it look more laborious than hand sewing. Have you tried darning on a machine? If so, any wisdom you are willing to share? Thanks!

  9. You do beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your technique. It's gonna help me and a lot of other people as well.

  10. What were the two kinds of patches that were used?? 😭

  11. i'm finally getting around to fixing all of my old band tees, this vid was a life saver!

  12. This is the coolest fix!! I just used the no sew option on 5 tshirts and had it done in about 15 minutes!! I’m so tickled, I can’t hardly stand it!!! THANK YOU!!!

  13. You are amazing. THANK YOU!!

    especially for talking us through the steps. I spent 2 hours making a dress and accident cut a hole in the front center and this saved it

  14. But … the cutaway stabilizer isn’t fusible. So it will come away after a wash and that’s okay? Or anyway the edges that are not right on top of the fusible web (where it would stick)

  15. Let’s make our voice heard cat owners 😂

  16. Thank you! I used this to fix a couple of t-shirts ! The iron-on worked well for the tiny holes.

  17. I don't know what a press cloth is.

  18. Beware, the no sew tehnic has to be redone if you use a washing machine. spent 3h reparing 10 tee-shirts, one wash and it's back to the start.

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