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Copy & Paste To Earn $5,000+ Using Facebook | Make Money Online 2022

How to make money online on Facebook using this copy and paste method to find and monetize videos using Facebook. This is a step-by-step tutorial to make money online in 2022.

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  1. Can I also other people pictures on Facebook without getting blocked?

  2. Thanks so much for this information pls can I get the name of the video editor @LesterDiaz

  3. Going half naked live is a growing way now😅

  4. Please sir can I talk to you one on one

  5. Please can I add only my picture to a video and post to Facebook

  6. Please what's the name of that editor you where using?

  7. Does this method still work in 2023?

  8. What was the software you use again?

  9. Thanks for sharing that s cool Can you tell me what the type of the video editor you using please?

  10. Hi i been watching your video but my new Facebook page got validations and the Facebook support not removes then i keep asking then and support to do but still no changes

  11. man how you record your reaction on that circle cam how you do it

  12. can someone use facebook professional account to do this? I have professional account with over 5k follwers

  13. Nice job bro. Please which app can i use to have my small video at the corner of a video that i want to upload? Thank you

  14. Hello what software you used for video editing?

  15. Which video editing software is the easiest? I think I missed the name of it. Thanks in advance

  16. Please sir can I know the video editor app name that you are using?

  17. how do we know if a video is licensed?

  18. Can I do this in Facebook reels

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