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How to Install Beautiful Paver Edging

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How to install beautiful, yet simple, paver edging.

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  1. Awesome, thank you very much! I thought of getting a professional for something like this, but you’ve given me the confidence to try it on my own.

  2. as a man that happens to be bearded, I don't identify as bearded and I don't make my personality and identity all about the fact I have a beard, calling someone a beard in Australia is a polite way of saying they are in the closet and they have a beard( a female friend they hang with so they don't look gay) saying that you are an outdoor beard is basically saying you do stuff outdoors to hide the fact that you are gay

  3. Well, you know what they say about parenthood: "You've only got yourself to blame!" 😂🤣

  4. I have installed a 200 sq ft Bermuda lawn in my backyard, the problem is Bermuda likes to run, so I will need to put a boarder on three sides. Second issue I am not sure if this is possible.
    If you lower the side brick down the height were the wheel of the push mower rides on, so the blade cuts as close to the edge as possible. Do you think that will work?

  5. Very nice video. Simple and to the point. One question, how does the two step edging ‘set’? Was it just sand or was there some portland in it?

  6. I’ll try to do it 🤗…..
    🥴 lest see I need this guy in my house 🥴

  7. Congrats on your baby girl! 😁🎉🎉👏👏

  8. Nice work, congrats on the baby to.

  9. Hey man! How did it hold up?! I’m wanting to do this as long as it held up well!

  10. Looks fine until you wack it with a riding mower.

  11. That tool is called an Edger.

  12. That tool may be a lawn edger for cutting a nice edge between a lawn and a dirt border, well it is in the uk. Nice work too.

  13. Thanks for the clip. Do you have the one you built for the shed?

  14. OMG when can you come to my house!! ☺️

  15. So i copied this double paver look using the same brick…i wrapped the whole house, replacing the mulched beds with white rock…when turning the corners, i opted for diagonal instead of rounded (also inspired by this vid), i also added a landing (front and back of entrance) using the same brick in chevron pattern. You can stand at the landing and admire the work all the way down the wall…STUNNING…just superb. I truly love this idea…i wrote to you before and you added a comment about using cement to keep it all together, and we did. Thank you so much..I wish there was a way to show you pictures. I bet ur baby girl is walking by now…congrats and wish you many more.

  16. What keeps the paver sand from washing out underneath the pavers?

  17. Congratulations… it’s a beautiful state to be in.😊

  18. how would you handle a curve in the edging with this type of work?

  19. What happens when the sand under the brick washes away? Is the plan to go back every year and adjust the bricks from erosion? If so, why would you use permasand on the top then?

  20. Where did you get those size blocks? Please, and Thank you! Congratulations on your baby girl, which is probably almost 3 now.

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