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How To Repair A Cracked Shower Base: Freedom Finishes Refinishing Products, LLC

At Arlington Porcelain Refinishing we are all about “Master Craftsmanship” bathtub, shower and tile refinishing. Our exclusive “Freedom Finishes” bathtub, shower and ceramic tile refinishing enamels and process have been the cornerstone of our company’s longstanding “award winning,” marketplace success.

Our incredible formulations and processes were engineered decades ago. They are designed specifically for bathtub, shower and ceramic tile refinishing and have evolved into the most durable and beautiful, high gloss refinishing coatings in the industry.

If you are a bathtub refinisher and desire to differentiate yourself from your competition, deliver an extraordinary product to your customers, drive process efficiency and increase your profits, we’d be happy to discuss our amazing Freedom Finishes products and advantage with you.

Please feel free to call Brian Loeger @ Freedom Finishes Refinishing Products, LLC @ Ph#: 847-636-2478 or email: Bloeger@Freedomfinishes.com


  1. How long does it take for the jb weld to dry before you start sanding and applying all the other stuff?

  2. Work at an old hotel. This this a huge issue I’ve had. This is the first no nonsense solution I’ve found. Took it step by step working well. Should be a few more steps before install for these fiberglass shower pans. It’s so common and a pain in in the ass if not caught immediately can cause subfloor damage. Not fun to fix. Especially if time critical.

    Thank you for this.

  3. A really nice video. I have watched quite a few and this is the best and most thorough.

  4. Anyone can helping me do this if you did yours you must had all kind things you used right my location is Rowland Height California

  5. I had a long crack that I tried to repair with just the fiberglass cloth and resin because that is all that was shown in a video I looked up a few years ago. I did several coats thinking it would be stronger. It was…and it took about 8 months before my weight finally made the sponginess of the floor pop the repair loose. Now, thanks to your video, I know why. I needed that first step of the triple-expanding foam.

    Now I know how to fix it right.

    (But I can't wait until my brother, who shares my Amazon account, sees me ordering a bucket of Bondo. I can hear it now as he gives me a panic phone call: "What the hell did you do to your car??")

  6. What do you paint it with though?

  7. Fabulous, i have this repair coming up, thank you so much for the detailed info, subcriber 👍

  8. Is there a product that can be rolled on instead of spraying? GREAT INFO and video. Thanks

  9. So another question would be leakage from the shower. How long would this fix last as I’m sure the floor underneath will be damaged.

  10. So I need to Mix in a portion of silica sand and steer thoroughly…

  11. My newly built home October last year now has a crack in the shower base. I'm thinking I want a new base
    and no patch up . Does anybody agree that's fair. TIA

  12. Bondo is made for bare metal that is structurally sound. That’s why it’s made for auto repairs.

  13. You forgot to explain what you were spraying. I had to waste time rewinding the video to find out that it’s an enamel?? But yeah I found it helpful as I perfect my own process. Thank you kindly.

  14. What's under the pan that caused it to get soft? Concrete? Dirt? Wood? My pan just cracked near the drain and I cut out a 2" by 2" section and dirt is below it. Some of the fiberglass has rotted away and now there is a void in that area. Do you think expansion foam will fill the void and be able to withstand the weight of a person? The house has a slab foundation but also has dirt visible in the drain area. I guess they left that part exposed during the concrete pour.

  15. Its cheaper to just replace the tray.

  16. Looks easy but hard at the same time

  17. when using fiberglass and resin overlay you should sand/grind the area to make a depression that equals the thickness of the repair fill. Same procedure as in vid with the mesh and resin. Instead of polyester body filler ( Bondo) use a fiberglass in the can called long and strong. This product is fiberglass chopped up with a gel form of resin and is structural as well as a good final filter. Polyester filler has zero structural, only fills. Mix with catalyst and apply as you would bondo. Now here is the trick. You can use wax paper to cover the repaired area then smooth the repair with a rubber squeegee. This will make the repair very smooth. The wax paper will also help the resin to get very hard and not sticky when sanded. After stripping off the wax paper then wipe down the resin with acetone and the surface will not be sticky at all. Behind sanding as in bid.

  18. This is stupid, insulating foam is NOT for structural support ! Bondo filler is not for water areas. I would put my repair and overlay up against any done like this video any day of the week and guarantee mine to hold up!!! This is the type of work I have to redo.

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