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How To Repair a Bicycle Chain

This is a quick tutorial on repairing bike chains.

The bike that I am doing the repair on looks kind of beat up because it has traveled alot of distance and has seen alot of extreme weather conditions. It has survived through daily use in 3 Canadian winters and this is the first time the chain has failed.

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  1. I have seen many videos on how to fix a broken chain but this is the only video explaining perfectly and in simple words where anyone can understand easily, thank you my friend.

  2. Kristin broke the chain on her bike on her way to pick up the kids from school today, so here i am. Great video as always, you look so young!

  3. Great tips. Thinks a lot!

  4. i didnt get it but the video was nice

  5. Great video, thank you for posting.

  6. Thank you for this video on chain repair and for keeping the video short and precise. I appreciate that. 🙂

  7. Perfect training video!! To the point and very informative! Even provided preventative repair for how or why a chain will continue to skip (old versus new). Thanks!!

  8. Thank you for the video. Question regarding the pins, you show that you can reuse the pins by pushing them back, but is it advisable/better to replace them instead??

  9. Excellent video. Clear, informative and with good practical demonstration. I also appreciated the information and advice at the end about when to switch to a new chain or cassette. …Oh, and I liked the fact that the bike looked "beat up" rather than some it being some brand new model in a bright shiny bike shop. Many thanks for the posting.

  10. 5:25 Every video I've seen has the pin connected to the chain without showing HOW MUCH OF A PAIN IN THE ASS THIS IS. Lol. I've been at it 1 HOUR now and still can't get the pin back into the chain.

  11. Thanks I learned some stuff about working on bike chain!

  12. I have a damaged SRAM chain, and considered exactly the same repair. However, I have some doubts with the pins. The pin what you put back, won't loosen up? I started to checking on e.g. Shimano chain connecting pin, however since 2011 you may have some experience with used pins. Were it good till the end of the chain's life? If yes, I will just put back the visually good pins.

  13. Hi, can you make a video how to clean rusty chains on a bike that served for the whole winter? What lubrication you advise, etc. Btw. I truly love your videos, because they show "real" bikes, not expensive super-clean one!

  14. Thanks ! a simple and very usefull video

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