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How To Install ZIP System | Lowe's Pro How-To

In this Lowe’s Pro how-to, learn the step by step process for how to install the ZIP system.

This demonstration is intended for professionals only. Homeowners should not attempt these projects without first consulting a licensed professional.

Shop products featured in this video:
– ZIP Sheathing Panels: http://bit.ly/300lG2H
– ZIP Flashing Tape: http://bit.ly/3007mr9
– ZIP Stretch Tape: http://bit.ly/301s9ui
– ZIP J-Roller: http://bit.ly/2ZZkcFZ
– Metabo Framing Nailer: http://bit.ly/30b7kfW
– Dewalt Circular Saw: http://bit.ly/305zGsk
– Dewalt Jobsite Blower: http://bit.ly/2ZXB6Vu
– DeWalt Air Compressor: http://bit.ly/300tvFH
– Kobalt Air Adjusting Valve: http://bit.ly/2ZlqySW
– 3M Safety Glasses: http://bit.ly/301JUtE

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  1. 1 million views. 18 comments….

  2. Does this do vapor barrier only or humidity pass also?

  3. We never use framing nails… we use the staple gun

  4. Always get a good laugh when seeing a grown man in a cowboy hardhat.

  5. Can washers be used on the nails to make them less likely to sink in? Also, what about conventional hammering by hand? Or using screws? Can screws be used instead of nails? (It's not for a house- it's for a small shed).

  6. This is really informative! Thanks for making this so straightforward.

  7. anyone else more interested in the cowboy hardhat? 3:04

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