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3 Ways To Repair Items In Minecraft

Tutorial explaining all the ways to repair tools, weapons, and armour in minecraft. This video will explain each way to repair items. Also, how to increase durability with enchantments and restore durability with enchantments.
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Other Video Suggestions:
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Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:40 #1 Unit Repair
2:25 #2 Combining Items
3:11 #3 Enchantments

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  1. didn’t subscribe and i’m getting mending and silk touch

  2. What is that hammer ⚒️ in which you repair things

  3. How do I repair an enchanted pickaxe without spending 32 levels? And the enchantments I put aren't even that great

  4. Mining coal is pretty effective for Pickaxe and you get coal too!! But the bucket of lava is still superior.

  5. In pe you can not hold stuff in off hand what do I do

  6. Thanks I just threw my grindstone in the lava


  8. I think you can combine the used weapons and repair it onto the crafting table..

  9. i cant repair with a grindstone idk why it says repair and disenchant

  10. Gold's durability is worse than Iron…

  11. if you want to repair netherite tools then, if its less than 4 netherite (like Netherite Pickaxe) then you shall craft the item and repair it, but if its more than 4 (example: Netherite Chestplate, which is 8) then use 4 netherite

  12. Joe Rogan plays Minecraft now??????

  13. This is a good video, though It's stated a few times that repairing increases the maximum durability and also gives a maximum durability bonus. Repairing does not increase the maximum, it instead increases the existing durability, up to the maximum and no further. Otherwise, useful information.

  14. omg1000000000000000000000000000000000000000$

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