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9 Passive Income Sources | Earn 1 Lakh+/month | for students & professionals

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  1. Janab janab janab converted to Islam

  2. can you stop saying Janaab ????? too irritating !!!! you must have said 100+ times

  3. Thanks a lot….a best information

  4. Thank you so much Bhaiya Itana Apne passive so of income bataiye apne is maine Affiliate marketing ke through mai Monthly 50K to 60k Earning kar rha hu 🤗

  5. Where to registered your property for investment in warehouse & parking area Rent

  6. Thanks for the detailed info🙏

  7. I work in a government registered company which pays me 3-4K on weekly basis without any investment. I’m 17🫶🏻🥹

  8. Sir mein housewife hun ,hum logon ke liye bhi plsssss guidance de taki ek source of income bana sake

  9. भाई इन सब के लिए पैसा चाहिए वो आयेगा कहा से 😂😂

  10. Govt job best passsive income 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. Wow!!! Like really you are telling someone to put their extra property on rent and thinking what a great new advise or vision you are giving them. This is ages old practice ppl do.

  12. Invest karna to sabko pta h but invest karne k liye paisa kha se laye

  13. Nice. Meneh b apnay channel Innovative Shawaiz pai Passive income ideas ki video bnae ha kafi new ideas add kiai hain.

  14. 1.real estate. 2.stock market. 3.affiliate marketing. 4.developer. 5.artist. .6.teaching

  15. For students to ye kahi se v ni lag raha hai

  16. this is the prime minister we deserve

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