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Songwriting Royalties: How to Earn Royalties For Your Music From YouTube | Producers & Artists 2019

SONGWRITING ROYALTIES: HOW TO EARN ROYALTIES FOR YOUR MUSIC FROM YOUTUBE | PRODUCERS & ARTISTS 2019 // Want to know about songwriting royalties, how to earn royalties through YouTube, or how royalties are calculated? Then look no further! This is a music royalties breakdown explaining how royalties work (specifically with YouTube) touching on how to make money as a songwriter or how to make money as a producer through YouTube and how a performing rights organization or performing rights society (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) gets your music royalties from YouTube. Think of this as a sort of songwriting 101 (the music business side) or a music royalties explained course. I formerly worked for BMI, specializing in performing rights, royalty distribution, music publishing, and international relations. I give music business advice on my channel through my series #MusicMoneyMondays every Monday night!


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For years I climbed the ladder at one of the biggest corporations in the music industry, BMI. I also started several of my own businesses. I upload new videos every Monday night!

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  1. I have a family member who is aspiring songwriter. Does he need to copyright first. I love your content thank you so much for the info.

  2. Is this woman pinay? What ever the case my apology for coming to this video to view the Royal D's. That thumbnail is👌🏿

  3. Hi Tynia, I did it all but my videos are not generating royalties to my music. Does it have to do with the fact my channel isn't monetized? Thanks a lot!

  4. I am Unsigned,Independent…Thank you for your help😊😊💖💖

  5. I have music on YouTube through cdbaby.. but I never registered my music with a PRO. Is it too late or can I still register my music ?

  6. Thank you for these awesome and edifying videos I really appreciate you, Have a Blessed Day:)

  7. So distributors like song trust or distro don’t distribute the music to YouTube ?

  8. Is the claiming an artist channel add the music you have to the YouTube Content ID System?

  9. Thanks for your video, I am a member of PRS in England how do they collect royalties from YouTube etc. Can you let me know what I need to do about that?

  10. Sing through distrokid, cd baby, or tunecore, period. They taker care of everything.

  11. I don't see the link. Independent

  12. Does that automatically happen when your digital distributor sends your music to youtube

  13. Tynia I have a bothering Question I heard that if a music producer from beatstars has already his beat with content ID on youtube and I use that beat pay the license ,I would never get the content ID revenue from that beat cause in the producer agreement they stated that the music I licensed to rap or sing over it already has a content ID so I can't do another one I DONT KNOW HOW cause tunecore gives me content ID I think,but the reason why I shouldn't have my song with the beats with another content ID is BECAUSE THE PRODUCER GETS ALL the revenue from the content ID but not me as an artist so the producer will take those ad revenue….PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THIS GIRL my head is spinning…do I have rights to the revenue ad or not just for royalties

  14. Hi Tynia, any thoughts on "AMRA" – thanks!

  15. Thank you for this content. Very helpful information.

  16. Hi thanks for all the knowledge I have a question. I've been doing music for many years and I am with ascap. My music plays around the globe radio stations so forth. My ascap account is always low like 8 dollars, never growing what am I doing wrong? They have my artist name wrong in the system would that effect my royalties?

  17. Unsigned, just starting out – you are super helpful! Do i need sound exchange and songtrust? I've joined BMI

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