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How To Install a Window | Top 10 Things You Should Do!

How to install a new construction window! Here are 10 things that all window manufacturers will want you to do when installing their windows! Step by step instructional on video on how to make a window water and weather tight! In this video we are using the “drainage” method of installation, which allows for water drainage off of the window sill, if water were to make it through the layers of flashing and protection and get into the house.


  1. Putting windows in a wall 🤣 you guys are funny

  2. I’ve never seen the “drainage caulking” method. I totally understand not doing it at the bottom. But I feel like it’s planning for failure. Like putting drains in your floor in case the roof leaks🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Thank you. This video was very helpful.
    The windows are in the wall. Bro. You make it look so easy. It was a lot of work. But then again, I am an interpreter, and NOT a window installer. 😅

  4. Do u still run top flashing?

  5. Great video. I just want to make a small shoutout to Dako as a good window producer.

  6. Any chance you could you tell me the size of that nailing flange? I'm hoping the holes are a little more than an inch from window edge so that I have something to bite into.

  7. Great video man I really needed help to do this man

  8. the install of the railings in the rain was a great vid tooo

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