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How To Install Deck Tiles


Learn how to install deck tiles in this easy-to-follow DIY video.

Thinking about deck tiles for your patio? Already purchased a set? BuildDirect’s step by step video guide will give you all the tips and information you need to make your outdoor project a success. This video illustrates just how easy it is for a DIY’er to quickly renovate an existing deck or patio.

Learn more about BuildDirect’s Interlocking Deck Tile options: http://www.builddirect.com/Interlocking-Deck-Tiles.aspx

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  1. I don't get it. It appears as if nothing holds it on the ground. Do you need to add glue or fix the edges to the floor in order to increase the stability of the entire structure?

  2. I need this on my grass. What should i use under

  3. I don't have a power saw. I have to do about 17 straight cuts. What would you recommend using?

  4. do i get it to be same level as the porch

  5. How do I put this over grass? Sand first?

  6. Thank you so much I'm from bahrain , I want to know what kind of border do you used, and how?

  7. Are they slick when they get wet

  8. Check this Deck Flooring Dubai https://www.youtube.com/shorts/BIG9SyAOpZ8 and get more information about such topics

  9. Check this Outdoor Decking Flooring Dubai https://www.youtube.com/shorts/D_fTQxhnkS0 and get more information about such topics

  10. Thank you for the demo. How much load can this carry? Can you drive car on it?

  11. I can hardly hear wher you are saying with this loud music!!

  12. Can those tiles hold a 1000 kg car?

  13. What about edging, like steps? How would you transition that?

  14. What about the aged and possible rotten decking boards below? Does this increase their life?

  15. Can this be installed on grass?

  16. Can it be installed on compacted dirt surfaces

  17. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to remove rocks and put these down? What would be the best way to make the floor level

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