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How To Fix A Hole In Copper Pipe | Emergency Plumbing Repair

Welcome to my latest plumbing tips video where i will be showing you how to repair a hole in a copper water pipe. I will show you how to fix a pin hole and get you out of a muddle. If you like the content leave a like and please subscribe for more content like this as I’ve got a lot more to come and there will be something that will help you out. Theres other plumbing tutorials on my channel to check out!

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  1. Just what I needed.!!!!! I have to remove a saddle valve, of course the needle hole. I think I'll do coupler. If I can find my size.

  2. I bet plumbers hate these vids. I recently had to move the bath cuz it was rocking on its feet. I cut and capped the two pipes, make the bath solid again, then replaced them with 900mm flexies.
    Obviously you need an expert to install a boiler but there are loads of little jobs you don’t need a plumber for. Saves £££s.

  3. Ive used a bit of marigold and insulation tape cut a small peice of the finger pulled fairly toght around the pipe then taped and inch either side i no its a total bodge job but it held for 5 years until all the pipework was replaced

  4. When they take your shoes. You going fa that RIDE.

  5. You remind me of Kevin De Bruyne. Ps, thanks for the quick fix help!

  6. Where do you get the quick fix patches and do they come in small sizes for very thin copper pipes? Thx

  7. Many thanks for doing this!! Thank you.

  8. Please can you send me the link of all the tools you did used

  9. So ill put my duck tape away then

  10. never seen one of those patches , thanks

  11. These methods only work in ideal scenarios.
    If you cant stop the water the soldering wont work. And if there is no movement on the pipework, the pushfit method wont work either.

  12. What about the di-electric effect? Screws have to be a temporary plug.

  13. As a plumber I will probably find some of those patches for emergency repairs but I would advise against this being a permanent solution. Our goal is to keep the inside of the pipe as smooth as possible because turbulence deteriorates the pipe downstream of it. The patched hole is going to cause a lot of turbulence. It needs a coupling to repair it, I personally only use press or solder fittings on copper.

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