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How to Install ADB Drivers on Windows 10 // ADB Drivers or Platform Tools Install Windows 10

In this video I will show you how to install ADB drivers on Windows 10.

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✔️ Source Code
Chrome Inspect: chrome://inspect
ADB Command: adb devices

0:00 Introduction on how to install ADB Drivers or Platform Tools on Windows 10
0:35 Steps to Installing ADB Drivers or Platform Tools on Windows 10
0:58 Download the ADB Drivers or Platform Tools for Windows 10
01:42 Extract the ADB Drivers or Platform Tools for Windows 10
02:00 Move extracted files to a central location
02:36 Enable developer options
03:36 Turn on USB Debugging
03:55 Connect your phone using the USB Cable
04:26 Test that everything is working using Chrome Inspect
04:42 Use ADB commands on Command Prompt
05:10 Running adb devices command in Windows 10 Command Prompt
05:25 Troubleshoot problems connecting ADB Drivers
05:37 Bonus – Add adb folder to the PATH
06:25 Test adb drivers or platform tools using PATH

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  1. Every time i forget how to use adb i come here and its the best explanation thank you very much ❤️

  2. It shows my device in Google chrome with the code but not in adb. List of devices attached shows nothing. Please help

  3. Underrated channel. Keep up good work. Thank you

  4. does this help me fix the issue i had with the video?
    Upon importing the "cd adbplatform-tools_r33.0.3-windowsplatform-tools" also the file name changed to platform tools r33.0.3, eventually giving me "The system cannot find the path specified"

  5. i am very much impressed for your clear and detailed understanding about adb drivers. Thanks

  6. Once my work is done, should I remove the ADB drivers, or is it ok to just keep it?

  7. Thanks for the clear and detailed explanations. Have been facing issues with this settings but watching your steps solved everything.

  8. U guys are doing great amazing 👌🏻

  9. Thank you for the detailed explanation!

  10. you rock brother!!!! Great vid

  11. Hi awesome video everything works but when I followed your bonus feature for the cmd path it doesn't work, any reason why?

  12. Excellent video bro. Very well explained. Greetings from Botswana

  13. Your video is well explained
    Clear and understandable

  14. 5:08 it shows me "directory name is invalid"

  15. I don't know how but I couldn't get it to work

  16. this doesnt have a darn thing to do with installing a driver though

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