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How To Repair A Cut In A Tyre | MTB Maintenance

Slashes or cuts to a mountain bike tyre can mean the end of a days riding without the right equipment. But does it have to mean the end of the tyre?

There’s both a long term and a short term fix for a slash in a sidewall or cut in a tyre. using a tyre boot or a slug can mean that you get to ride out the rest of the day, but isn’t necessarily going to stand up to long term abuse. For that sort of repair, we’re going to have to do some stitching! Here’s how…

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Now this is a lot of work and it’s not guaranteed to allow your tyre to be used tubeless again…or even as a 100% guaranteed fix. If however you’re the enterprising type, enjoy a good challenge to fix things and prefer to get maximum life out of your bike parts before disposing of them…this fix is for you! Give it a go and see what happens!

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  1. Or u can use an old tire and grind down the outside and put it inside and cut off the wire part

  2. what patch do you use in this video? Just pulled a chunk of glass out of my tyre ;_;

  3. Would have been cool to see it back on a bike, and riding

  4. Thank you very much
    Now i ride my bike more than a year after the cut
    It worked with my perfectly 💛

  5. Everything functions properly https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxHL1v1R3NE5x4KiYfyt8dnQmyNYz7qi5L Nothing was damaged in the box aside from a decal on the fork. The decal was missing a piece of a corner but I ended up peeling them off anyways. Assembly is easy BUT make sure you tune up the derailleurs. Both the front and rear need adjusting. I'd advise going to a bike shop but I opted out and put in 10+ hours with the help of YouTube. Ended up fraying a shifter cable but all in all I learned from the experience. The Brakes work well but the front caliper needs adjusting or at least mine did because the rotor was rubbing against the pads. Make sure you swap out the seat, grips, and pedals. For the short run you'll be fine though. I've read that this bike isn't built yet for hard trails but I just need it for the city. PA has some of the worst roads and being in a mountain this was a great choice. Worth the investment!

  6. Soddy, do you still recommend this technique to fix a sidewall or is there a better way now??

  7. What glue did you use for the inner patch? If shoe goo is a strong vulcanizing solution why cant you use shoe goo to stick the inner patch.

  8. I reckon buying All that kit should afford a new tyre!

  9. This wouldn't work with a knife slash right?

  10. This is the first time I have attempted to repair a tubeless bike tyre. Where I live, we have a lot of road hazards, especially glass. and I ended up with a 3/8 cut in the wear area of my rear tyre. This repair went better than I expected. I used a good grade Upholstery thread, A medium-sized slime patch, Cleaned the area with Isopropyl alcohol, reinstalled the tire on the rim, with a tube installed. and aired up to 30 psi. I will let it sit for 24 Hrs. Thanks for your video, It Helped. Can’t Wait to see how well this repair holds up.

  11. I wanted to inform you that a lot of Part cleaner sprays are very combustible and this information comes from the Wikipedia (Under Danger) Rubber and some types of plastics are decomposed by brake cleaners by removing binding components. This has the consequence that the rubber will appear unchanged at first; however, it will become brittle, and after a few weeks to months cracks and fractures appear. Years ago, I also used a parts cleaner on a chain and after a month the plating came off completely and the chain rusted. I will never use a parts cleaner on a Bicycle ever again. Save the parts cleaner for your car’s metal parts ok.

  12. What is the patch material .You just steam rolled in without explaining anything ?

  13. Nobody knows how to patch a slash. My tech didn't want to do it because his was sure it would work. He said to use a modern no glue patch; it didn't work. I think at this point a tube is better or a new tire.

  14. Thank you for bringing up the well ventilated area bit when using the shoe goo .Brake cleaner is very dangerous please wear safety glasses and wash you hands after use. It can cause damage to your eyes or even cause blindness!!! You should also where a safety mask or spray it in well ventilated areas as it can cause liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage as well! Not being a asshole here just want us all to be safe so we can ride another day!!

  15. Do you have more info on the heavy duty repair patch? This is esoteric stuff. I am searching for Schrader tfkb-01 with no luck. What I can findis either standard tube patches or PLUGS for motorcycle or tubeless.

  16. Great vid, Would have liked to see the tyre reinflated too …..

  17. I wish I'd seen this before I ordered a new tyre. Could've saved me 30 notes.

  18. Burn the plastic so it sticks and does not come out that’s what I did

  19. i would be afraid the holes from the stitching would tear

  20. Best part of another 1600 miles on my repaired DHR and lots of rough rocky trails, learned lot more about my tyres in the meantimethe repaired one was an EXO+ think ideally for up in the lakes a DD or DH would be much better tho.

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