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How to Install a Subway Tile Backsplash

“A multi-wall, floor-to-ceiling subway tile backsplash? Count me in!” said Daniel, somewhat impulsively.

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  1. FYI – All the tools and materials I used for this project are shown at 14:01 for your screen-grabbing convenience. Go forth and conquer that tile aisle with a smile, my friends! 💪😁

  2. Can’t believe Lowe’s didn’t hang on to Danny Go!!!

  3. Loved this, newbie point of view…😊

  4. I'm gonna do my kitchen thank you

  5. Like your ideas, but not your utterances of “ah”. Not subscribing… to bad for Lowe”s!

  6. Should've routed out a groove for the shelving brackets to make them a bit more hidden. Would've only taken an hour or two.

  7. Awesome! Love how it turned out!

  8. I'm grouting my backsplash tonight. I set the tile yesterday. I have to say I referenced this video alot. It has all of the info you need for a beginner. Well done!

  9. Great information and tips. Many thanks.

  10. Best thing lowes has done was hire this guy. Love his videos. Very informative, down to earth, and for the average joe.

  11. Good video and good energy from you.

  12. I don't even know if you mentioned this and if you did you really need to emphasis the importance that your first row is level and flat. If your counter is not level (which mine isn't) and you base your tiles off of that datum the whole thing will get jacked up and you will see it. I bought a laser level just for this purpose.

  13. They are just called tiles, they are most definitely not called subway tiles, you Americans…..

  14. Need to recess those hinges shelf side…

  15. Amazing. Love the floating shelves. Great job, man.

  16. A rotozip with a metal carbide bit will cut out holes much easier with a new bit you can just about draw pictures in ceramic tile.

  17. Hi, did you have to seal the kitchen backsplash with an sealant? If so, which one do you recommend?

  18. Great video! To nit pick just a tiny bit, at 12:58 you mention it's grout in a tube, but it's not grout in a caulk tube, it's silicone caulk (exactly what you should use and did use). From Mapei's website: Keracaulk U (unsanded) are premium-grade, easy-​to use, easy-to-clean siliconized acrylic caulks formulated to match all of MAPEI's colors.​

  19. Great video. Thank you. informative.

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