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SimpliSafe Doorbell Installation : How To Install Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro: https://amzn.to/3gLdixH
Favorite Smart Home Devices: https://www.amazon.com/shop/onehoursmarthome
In this video we teach you how to install the Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro. The Simplisafe video doorbell is a wifi video doorbell that allows you to remotely view streaming or recorded footage from your video doorbell on your phone. It also allows 2 way communication so that you can talk to whomever is at your front door.

The Simplisafe Doorbell has 1080HD footage and has both day and night vision. It requires 8-24V AC for power which most existing doorbell transformers will provide.

To Install The Simplisafe Doorbell
1. Turn off the power to your existing doorbell at the circuit breaker.
2. Confirm the power is off to your existing doorbell wiring and remove the existing doorbell.
3. With the existing doorbell remove you can install the new simplisafe doorbell. Route the wires through the center plate and attach the centerplate using the provided screws to the wall.
4. Insert the doorbell wires into the provided terminals make sure not to interfere with the contacts above the left terminal.
5. Install the simplisafe video doorbell on to the simplisafe base plate by sliding it into place on top of baseplate.
6. Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker. It may take 2-3 minutes for the device to power up once the power has been restored. When the device is ready for set up the lights at the button will come on and the device will speak to you saying that it’s in setup mode.
7. Download the Simplisafe app, set up an account and follow the instructions to set up the Simplisafe Doorbell on the Simplisafe App.

* Note if you are having issues getting your Simplisafe Doorbell connected make sure that you are connecting it to your 2.4GHZ wifi network to get it set up. Sometimes this means you will need to temporarily disable your 5GHZ network to get your Simplisafe doorbell set up.

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  1. Would be use to see what to do if there’s no existing doorbell

  2. Do they offer a battery powered model that can be powered by a solar panel?

  3. I like your instructions. Way better. I've seen other instructions for this and they didn't even show the screw. They just said there is a screw you screw in there so thanks for that. I will be sending mines up tomorrow. I will update tomorrow

  4. Your video is why I was able to install the doorbell. The "instructions" that came with the doorbell were abysmal!

    One suggestion – This gave me difficulty: When inserting the wires under the screws, I thought I had to fit the wire BETWEEN the screw and the plate. I finally saw in your video that you slipped the wires BEHIND the rectangular piece, but I had to specifically look to see if that was what you were doing. It would clarify if you stated that the wires go BEHIND the rectangular plate, not around the screw on top of the plate (because they don't fit there!). But thanks for posting this helpful video!

  5. Attaching the doorbell to the mount is a little difficult but once it locks into place it seems extremely sturdy. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxxHZwMa8CsRjYhf9s4W8w0Dwm47uytWOp I replaced my regular doorbell with this and hard wired it in, using my existing wires and mechanical chime. It works perfect so far and integrates perfectly with my blink camera system. It also works seamlessly with Alexa

  6. What if I didn't have an existing doorbell with wiring

  7. Did have to install the jumper wire at the existing chime box as you did in the ring doorbell?

  8. What is the screw suze abd type.

  9. One area I wish you had covered was the notification itself. What was the time delay from button push to notification on your phone, and what does that notification look like? I have an old nest hello now and it’s pretty instant but ALSO included a preview of the video. To my knowledge, based on the other simplisafe cameras I have, the notifications are instant but DO NOT include a video preview. Thereby making you open the app to see who’s there, and the app takes a solid 5-15 seconds to load the video feed.

  10. the biggest problem that no one metioned it in any video that doorbells powered by 110/220 v and this device works by 8 to 24 v so it's more complicated and manufacturer avoid talking about this problem!

  11. I have this doorbell in a box going to get the ring one instead their plan is alot cheaper. If I remove the doorbell chime unit will this still work because mine is also bang in the middle of the wall and wired inside

  12. Very good video! I was able to install my doorbell with no issues after watching this. Each time I thought of a question while watching it, you answered the question within 10 seconds. Good job! This old lady is very appreciative.

  13. I just wished it was a wireless system. Everything about simplisafe is that its wireless and then they bring out a wired door bell. I'm hoping at somepoint a wireless one will be released

  14. He forgot to check the voltage, video doorbells need 16-24 volts to work right

  15. Great video, nice and simple.

  16. You can set the sensitivity three ways to adjust how far the camera will be triggered, you may not want to film every car driving by.

  17. Is your catch phase “let’s go ahead “

  18. Great video! It helped me finish my setup

  19. Perfect video, thank you!

  20. Love seeing a preview for another company's security system when going to watch a video on Simplisafe. Way to go, Youtube!

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