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How To Install Delta Shower Faucet – In 10 Minutes! – Beginners Guide

In this video I will show you how to install a Delta Multichoice faucet in 10 minutes! This is a beginners guide tutorial. Some may also say this is a how to install a delta shower valve video and that is true too! I will be using PEX pipe for the installation!

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Disclaimer: This video is all based on my personal opinion and is for entertainment purposes ONLY. I am not a financial advisor, CPA, attorney, tax advisor, electrician, plumber, housing contractor, designer, or any type of profession to give advice. I am just a consumer sharing my experiences and research. If you do need knowledge for those types of things, I will advise you to seek help for those professionals.


  1. Why is there a garage band practicing while you're recording your video?

  2. That blocking depth was exactly what I came here for! Another great video as always!

  3. Haven't used Pex before, but at 5:20, why can't you just bend the pex over rather than using the elbow?

  4. Great video. I noticed the pex adapter fitting has a pretty small internal diameter and with the elbow, are you getting enough water flow for a good shower? Can you get at least 10gpm at the top?

  5. I am facing this issue- we are renovating the bathrooms, the constructors put new delta valves for the two bathrooms and the day after that we noticed kitchen cold tab is having warm/hot water. The constructors stated that he didn’t touch kitchen so it’s not his issue; but this only happened after he put on new valves for the new bathrooms, not they are still at demo stage, I don’t know how to find which valve is causing the issue

  6. does the black plastic stay in place?

  7. how do you regulate the hot water temperature?

  8. why didn't you show how to install the shower valve itself? covered everything else?😒

  9. I always worry about depth, only concern

  10. What is the black plastic piece called?

  11. As a DIYer, I came across your channel yesterday and I like the detail step by step instructions as well as visuals in the videos. This will help me with my bathroom reno that I am planning to do. Thanks, New subscriber

  12. Are you using 2×6 studs on either side of where you’re placing the valve? I’ve got 2×4’s. How do I mount it flush with the back of the 2×4 like you described at 4:024:07?

  13. Could you ever change that valve

  14. Thank you very much for that! The music is awful but your teaching is terrific! 😂😊

  15. Why can’t anybody explain how do you install the cartridge and how to set the cold and hot water?

  16. I bought the delta valve, attached the fntp with pipe tape and dope. Then, realized… I used type a fitting. Is there anyway I can transition w adaptor or something. Unable to remove fittings. And I now have the correct fnpt fittings.

  17. The install instructions doesn't say what size of hole to make for the valve and installing the Sterling Vikrell i don't want to mess up and make a larger hole than needed no way to patch it

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