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How to Install a Shower Pan Base | PLAN LEARN BUILD

Installing a shower base is way easier than preparing & tiling a custom tiled shower. It’s also easier to clean and less expensive 😊 In this video, I demonstrate the installation of one of my favorite shower bases – the Dreamline Slimline. For more help with bathroom remodeling 👇👇

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0:00 Intro – How to install a shower pan for beginners
0:24 First step to install a shower base is to check levelness
1:14 Setting a shower pan in mortar is the best way to go
3:13 How to add mortar under a shower base
4:49 How to attach drain to a shower base
6:45 How to set a shower pan
11:02 How to install an Oatey shower drain

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* Bathroom Remodeling & construction is inherently dangerous. Please use proper safety equipment and care with the use of tools and materials. For full disclaimer please review: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y1pmWqV3TOjaJgGFGVcyNj3DVB-Sg9ciyt9onC-A7YY/edit?usp=sharing


  1. I subscribed strictly because you did not cut out the part when the tool fell down the pipe.

  2. Wow great job thanks, learned a lot

  3. Why didn't you use a 30 lb. felt slip sheet under the mortar? Shouldn't the holes to attach it to the studs be elongated to all some movement to help eleminated cracking in the shower base? The mortar seemed a little too stiff to conform to the shower base by standing on the shower. Shouldn't it be about what you would use for bricks?

  4. You don’t have to worry about your saw falling out of your drill because all (good) drills have a locking mechanism in the chuck. You simply tighten it all the way, then back off until it clicks. Will be less than a quarter turn. This was a game changer when I learned about it.

  5. Why doesn't the mortar break up over time?

  6. Plumbers puddy not silicon

  7. Hi there can someone tell me how much to charge for epoxy Grout or how much is the price in market I’m in Illinois

  8. Exactly what I needed for my drain situation, thank you! Also, thanks for leaving the parts in where you dropped the tool in the drain (both times). That was priceless!

  9. I hope u didn't leave those sharkbites inside the wall

  10. Have you installed an American Standard "Ovation Curved Shower Kit" ? We are looking at that in a 48 by 30 inch deep for a bathroom remodel. As we read the reviews there are a bit of negative reviews (of course, every thing gets negative comments) but if you have done one of the Curved Base and Curved Door Ovation Kits sold by Home Depot for American Standard, we would love to hear your feedback… Thanks! Retired Person

  11. Can i use a shower liner like oatey pvc shower liner underneath the pan for added waterproofing. Or will the pan rip the liner

  12. I had the metal locking bracket fall into the drain just like you 😂. Thanks for the videos.

  13. I have exactly the same shower base installed incorrectly by a contractor. The shower base is out of level. It ended up with drain issues.

  14. I’m truly impressed by this guys widespread knowledge and know how in all aspects of construction. I’m a plumber and I gotta admit he has the theory and practice down to a tee

  15. Use aluminum or stainless screws for you base not galvanized. They want last nearly as long

  16. which flat head screws did you use

  17. Does your BathroomRemodel course include tutelage on how to set a tile floor (vs a pan), and how to set the drain into a tile floor? The webpage doesn't seem clear about that.

  18. I see some of the people who commented on your work. Asked you a few questions and I don't see any response from you. Am I going through the right procedure to see your answers?

  19. Thanks for tips
    I'd like some of those full shin knee pads. Where do you find them, please?

  20. Nice job. What did you use to seal bud joints? Regular compound or a special paste or perhaps a thinset? Do you recommend using red guard to waterproof the backer board?

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