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How To Install a Ring Video Doorbell Wired – From an Electrician

In this day and age where there are so many home security products available to us, as well as the option to install these things ourselves, how does it work? In the latest episode, Dustin takes us through the steps of installing a Ring Doorbell to an existing wired doorbell system.

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As with installing anything, until you get well used to handling any particular item (and even then, after or when changing manufacturers) READ THE DIRECTIONS!! Most of us men tend to miss this part, but it is an important step that should be taken! Second thing to do is TURN OFF THE POWER. Last thing we want to do is get shocked! Also, since we are dealing with sensitive electronics, the power should be shut off, so we don’t burn anything up on the low voltage end.
There are 3 general components to a doorbell system. The doorbell button, the transformer, and the chime. With the power off, remove the existing button on the wall at the door. Be super careful as the 2 wires at the button itself tend to be cut rather short, and we don’t want them falling back into the wall so we cannot use them! Once the button is removed, install the new mounting plate over the existing hole in the wall making sure to cover all the old surface area so there is no painting involved. Also, if you are using the angled back plate to kick the new camera away from the door itself, install the screws at a slight angle so they end up flush with the plate. Next, re-terminate the existing wires onto the screws of the new button, one wire per screw, and ensure that the wires aren’t shorted together. Don’t over tighten the screws but do make sure they are tight. Next item is to fasten the camera itself to the backplate with the provided screws. When you install the device, you want the camera at the top and button at the bottom, otherwise your image will be upside down. Once you have the camera mounted the last thing needed is to snap the cover onto the camera and use the provided screw to fasten the cover to the camera. This screw is usually on the bottom and will probably be a non-standard type head (not a Phillips or straight) so it cannot be easily removed.
Once the button installation sequence is completed, the next item to be done is to install the camera power pack to the existing doorbell chime. When you install the power pack to the chime, you want to be sure that you are not impeding the chime portion. You will need to look at the existing chime and find a place to install the pack. Once you have wired it into the existing chime and put the chime cover back on, the power can be turned back on.
The last item to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on linking the new bell to the Wi-Fi and your phone. You now should be good to go and can use the new doorbell!
We hope this video was instructional and provided the information needed to install a Ring Doorbell on your own! Please continue to follow Dustin and Electrician U as we are constantly adding new content regularly.

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  1. What happens when someone pushes the button you didn't show the most important part does the existing doorbell still ring does your phone ring What the hell happens no body on any of these how to install video's don't show the most important part. Do you have to pay a subscription for the pro version do you have to have wifi i am sure you do will it work if you don't have data on your phone?????????

  2. Been working on getting a non ring (i will never buy any ring products, everyone should research how cops can access your ring doorbell WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT) doorbell cam working, just ordered a new transformer since the camera works but the bells barely move so don't make sounds. Also discovered they wired the chime to a switch but never knew since before installing the doorbell cam the doorbell was wired to an intercom system.

  3. I have 2 chimes. One upstairs and one downstairs. We can hear a buzzing from the one downstairs. Do we need another jumper for the downstairs chime or can I just bug the two wires together downstairs. Thanks

  4. how does one tell if their transformer is compatible with the Ring? I've got one inside my main electrical box, but not sure if that's compatible, I'm just afraid of having to replace that transformer

  5. I see a lot of subscribers to your channel. But unfortunately not a good video. Didn’t tell anything for a transformer. Better check ring 2 min video with more details

  6. How did you wire the chime in the house???🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. Great video! Thanks, I am looking into installing a mini split for my shed, do you have any videos out there, I currently have a 10/3 wired buried bro shed, can a 10/3 handle basic devices and a mini split?

  8. Basically skipped the 2nd half of the installation. Thanks, I guess.

  9. What do you do if you don’t have a preexisting doorbell but still want to hardwire a Ring?

  10. What's the piece you put in the mechanical chime do , what I don't like about Ring is that it does ring just once ,thank you

  11. My issue is the actual doorbell wire. My home is less than 8 years old and the wiring run to the doorbell is about 26 gauge. Can that even carry the voltage needed?

  12. Would you just turn off all the power on the electrical panel? Or is there a certain one to turn off?

  13. You b didn't show the most important part. What wires do you add the jumper to

  14. And ofcourse the ripoff subsription!

  15. I saw this bid a month after a friend hooked my ring 4 to my doorbell and just realized by watching your video that i can hookit up to my indoor chime. Is is too late to do it now? I understand you need to have it hooked prior to activating your ring. 😢

  16. Having the review done by an electrician offered no benefit at all. Worthless.

  17. Front door bell. Easy to install.

  18. Ring never worked. I did as you have and the unit would not work. Contact to the Ring customer service was also useless. I would never allow Ring to steal any more of my money.

  19. Do you need to turn the power/electricity off to the entire house before you install the ring doorbell? Thank you.

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