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How to Install a Nest Power Connector for Your Nest Thermostat

The Nest Power Connector is a simple C wire substitute for Nest thermostats if a C wire is needed.

🔌 The Nest Power Connector takes the place of a traditional C wire setup and is an affordable alternative to hiring an electrician to install a new C wire in your walls.
👍 There’s no need to for new wiring or drilling. The Nest Power Connector attaches to your furnace, air handler, or zone controller and comes with simple instructions for easy installation. If you would rather not do it yourself, a pro can easily handle it,
✅ Make sure your thermostat is compatible. The Nest Power Connector works with 24VAC HVAC systems only. Millivolt or high voltage systems are incompatible.

To learn more visit the Google Nest Help Center: g.co/nest/help

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  1. These directions suck

  2. Vague video … meaning it is not very thorough or descriptive and leaves a lot of questions unanswered!

  3. Question! We have 3 thermostats in our home – heating only – I have the Nest Power Connector – and I found my HUB for the thermostat – however I am only seeing wiring for TWO of the Three thermostats – Would I still connect this to the hub? Or go direct with the furnace?

  4. Would 1 adapter work for the 3 thermostats I have or will I need one per thermostat?

  5. Had this issue with nest in my 1st house, having it again in another house. Looks like a common pain in the crack with Nest thermostat. Hope this thing finally helps and it doesn't cost another $300, I am freaking tired of dealing with that low battery headache. Was ready to switch back to my 20yo honeywell at some point, it works with no issues

  6. My air handler doesn’t have control board and this video barely mentions what to do in that scenario

  7. Is there a service that will come to your home any do this for you? Seems wayyyy too complicated for what appears to be a simple charger…

  8. For a multi billion dollar company they could have done something far better than this. What the ** is this PICTURE video? They couldn't have hired a LOCAL technician to come to a LOCAL home and record himself ACTUALLY doing the installation????? Get out of that OFFICE, get some fresh AIR nerds!

  9. Instead of a video, can I just have a wiring diagram at the furnace, please?

  10. I have three Nest thermostats and did a direct replacement from the old thermostats with no issues. I just bought a Nest E and it gives me the error. Google offered to send me the power connector for free. I have a boiler with Taco controls and no C-wire. I ordered a 24v adapter but aren't sure how to connect it. Obviously, one wire goes to the C terminal and the other? I assume the R terminal.

  11. WHERE DOES THE GIGANTIC POWER CONNECTOR GO?!?!?! It’s bigger than the thermostat where are you hiding it?!?!?!?!

  12. It took a bit me to under stand why we need a c wire. Basically the heater and thermostat is in series. The heater is going to be taking up most of voltage and the thermostat get not enough. So adding a c wire it in parallel so the voltage is same.

  13. I have a Nest Thermostat (2020) and my installation has the following wires: C, G, Y, O, R.
    My equipment turns on correctly but I have no power (error N 260) and it quickly disconnects from Wi-Fi.
    When I do the voltage test it tells me that it has 24 volts….
    Could you please tell me if buying the Google Nest Power Connector solved my problem??? Should I cancel the C cable and put the connector?
    Thank you so much!

  14. Can this item help with the E74 "No power to RH" (red wire) fault on the Nest Thermostat?

  15. Funny my pre-google nest didn't need this

  16. I for one very upset that Google did not come into my house, inspect my furnace, give me detailed instructions and increase my IQ so that this would be so easy that I wouldn't want to look up any Google videos. Obviously a conspiracy

  17. Why all this when it's easier to add a c wire than to do all this? More wiring than just adding one simple wire to the whole thing. I don't get it

  18. Why is it that everywhere else says that the Nest is compatible with most HVAC systems except for high power systems, including most older systems. But on this video the line is now it doesn't work with high or low voltage systems?
    I bought a Nest & it immediately blew out my HVAC. Now I'm paying to have a repairman to fix my HVAC & I stall the Nest….but honestly I'm starting to think that there's just too much suspicious double talk coming from Nest & I may just need to return it, but a more honest competitor, & look into having Google fess up for it's shoddy product.

  19. Seriously? Advertising that no C-wire required, and here we go 🤷‍♂️
    Returning this misleading product. I have very basic 2 wire heating system and it will NOT work without c-wire.

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