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Copy & Paste To Earn $5,000+ Using Google(FREE) | MaKe MoNeY OnLiNe

A couple days ago, I watched this video titled “Copy & Paste To Earn $5,000+ Using Google (FREE)” and in this video I react to it and tell you if this method really works.

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0:00 Problem with “make money online fast & easy” type videos on youtube
0:45 Video starts
3:54 The REAL Way to Make Money Online
4:40 Copy & Paste Method
5:47 Does this method really work?
7:34 Conclusion

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👉7 Ways I Make Money as a 19 Year Old: https://youtu.be/U0CiBPZl9-o

👉15 Ways to Make Money in College: https://youtu.be/bLx5sXZx1hY

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👉Best Laptops for Programming: https://youtu.be/egMfr4dLNZc

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Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Unacademy. Some of the links in the description are affiliate links.


  1. Thanks for the information, but please, I need the explanation in detail diligently, then the method of receiving money after the task. Thank you

  2. The best way to earn money is to tell people how to earn money!!

  3. I'ma bout to be 4k in debt and homeless tell me this is real

  4. Island you're eye opener😮

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  6. An Indian calling somebody else a scammer/lier

  7. Bhaiya really thanku for such valuable guidance 🤗🙏🙏🌻❤️

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  10. If it is as you say, all people should be millionaires!


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