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How to Repair Lawn Damage After Construction | This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook saves a badly rutted lawn without replacing the grass.
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Shopping List for How to Repair Lawn Damage After Construction:
– topsoil and compost
– fake boulder
– rocks and perennials
– bark mulch

Tools for How to Repair Lawn Damage After Construction:
– sod cutter
– lawn edger
– square-blade shovel
– rotary tiller
– garden rake

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How to Repair Lawn Damage After Construction | This Old House


  1. Wish there was a way to do this for ppl who don't have alot of money. I can't afford to even rent those machines

  2. Killa New England accents on this one bub!

  3. Poor Dave the homeowner. He can barely walk and stand on his own, and Rahjah is working him and the wife like slaves. LOL @ 5:09, Dave is wearing out fast! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Why did this video just buy me dunkin and take me to a Sox game

  5. You've gotta be joking with this. Filling in the ruts and seeding works just fine.

  6. that is a ridiculous amount of work to fix some tire ruts


  8. I have a better idea: buy a condo

  9. Great to see Roger hitting it again.

  10. The construction company that damaged the yard paid for this, right?

  11. Dave sounds like he’s not going to make it man. Rawjah killed the man.

  12. I have a tool for this.

    comes back with a machine.

  13. This was a lot a work and a lot of tool rentals for what was not that great of a lawn in the first place!

  14. Sure was nice of Roger to help John Bolton with his lawn.

  15. Dave looks like William H. Macy. 🤣

  16. my contractor left sheetrock chips and killed half my St. Augustine (texas) in the front lawn. grass hasn't grown back in two seasons. would I have to dig up that whole side like this or dig a few inches, fill in with good soil and re-sod?

  17. why not just get top soil lol makes no since

  18. "Ok Dave can you bring that mulch ova"…..Dave, Dave?"

  19. I watched the whole video and I think too many things were left out like soil amendments, seed selection to match the existing lawn, and the seeding itself and watering instructons.

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