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How To Repair Dead SSD (Solid State Drive) and Recover Data – 100% Working

On this episode, I fixed a faulty Solid State Drive and recovered the data in it.


  1. Thank you very much! Explaining what you're doing (like checking with multimeter if components are shortened) was so helpful to understand the whole process. I finished tech school, but sadly I was prepared only for installing stuff that is ready to install, not to reparing the electronics and thanks to people like you I can experiment with fixing things electronics that others consider as trash

  2. The music has more volume than your voice on the video

  3. Galing mo po sir. ganito lang if may problema ang ssd at hnd bibili agad ng bago pra hnd masayang kung may files na naka save, Thanks sir good job po 🙌🏻

  4. amazing that they install expendable capacitors on the circuit board 🤔

  5. is this a music video i can not hear him

  6. Sorry I just can't watch until end, it's hurting watching it 😀

  7. Great video, but I want to know: How do you distinguish between a surface mount capacitor and another component like a diode or resistor on the SSD board? Before throwing out my SSD I might try this to recover the data on it.

  8. So what are the capacitors good for if they can be removed and the drive is working without replacing them?

  9. That was amaazing. but did you replace the capacitor with another one or just took that out.

  10. That's amazing that the capacitor did not need to be replaced due to being a bypass.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  11. Just saw that you answered my question in a previous post that you did not replace the capacitors, just removed them. Why are they there if not needed?

  12. Did you replace the two shorted capacitors or just remove them?

  13. mag kano pagawa ng ssd sa'yo?

  14. thanks a lot !! i actually have two capacitor shortcircuit i remove it and resurect from dead

  15. Bro my wd ssd is not formatting and whenever i try to format it the data is back to its original form, have tried cmd, software eveything which was possible now my questions what is the issue and can it be fixed?

  16. Let me get this straight. Is it just to remove the shorted components and leave without replacing?
    Aren't they there for a reason and the board might just not turn on without them?

  17. How much do you charge to do this? I need to send you same thing

  18. how can i get that hard drive connector?

  19. I love the video! You made it look very easy. Is it possible that you can make a list of equipment you have or comparable from Amazon?

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