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How to Earn and Save Money

Did you know? You don’t have to be broke! Become a better manager of your hard-earned money and avoid financial ruin with these 6 easy-to-follow steps.

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  1. That work hard part was funny.

    Truth be told most managers don't care about good workers most people climb through training experience and just staying around longer then other people, never trust anyone is going to notice you and promote you for it just do the work get the experience and then if they still don't promote you time to move on.

  2. How are you supposed to put money away or spend less than you earn when you keep having to spend it all on essentials? How do you develop the skills you're good at if you're constantly working? How do you SELL the things your good at? How do you learn to invest when you don't know anyone who knows how to invest?

  3. My mother is poor because she is bad with money. She says "we need to pay rent," but I smart let here know "put your first money in your pocket." I tell her not to be a chalkboard, but she says "I have to pay our medical debt." I say to work hard, and she says "I am so so tired from working too jobs."

    No wonder my mom is poor!

  4. “Ask your parents to help you invest your money.”

    This is good advice, but I still laughed at this line. I know so many people who’s parents never learned about how to invest in the stock market.

  5. I'm addicted to these videos

  6. Dave Ramsey Approves of this.

  7. step 1: start a propaganda site disguised as a university to push the ideology of oil billionaires

  8. This is epic! PragerU SHOULD do more and more and MORE of videos like this one!!!
    Well done PragerU! 👍🏼👍🏼

  9. Finally a video. Thank you. With a minus 3% savings rate of Americans

  10. ‘Party of Pedophiles’ Republicans can’t figure out what they like screwing more. Working people or underage children

  11. This video needs the become viral

  12. @PragerU please clear the comments ,its full of bots and scammers …

  13. This girl is fabulous:)

  14. Forex,crypto,stocks, property that's where I make my multiple streams of income.

  15. Nice video,bitcoin is what everyone out there needs to invest in right now

    For real it’s very profitable

  16. Keep speaking CLARITY as singularly important!!! Above right and wrong….first CLARITY.

  17. ahaha, I knew this video would be out of touch before I watched it, but hahahah. 2:30 "Millions of people cannot figure this out." Yeah, maybe because society is largely built on things that necessitate being indebted for life, lmfao. "I'd love to get insulin, but I can't afford it. 🤷"

  18. This is the cringiest tone deaf ad I’ve have had the displeasure of watching

  19. Tip #1 Hope that you are lucky enough to join the 60% of people who have a job.

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