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How to Repair a Broken Doorbell | Ask This Old House

Scott Caron, master electrician for Ask This Old House, replaces a broken chime on a doorbell.

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Shopping List for How to Repair a Broken Doorbell:
– Doorbell and chime

Tools for How to Repair a Broken Doorbell:
– Screwdriver
– Driver

Steps for How to Repair a Broken Doorbell:
1. Turn off the power source for the doorbell and undo the wire connections to remove the chime. Be sure to mark where each connection goes: front door, transformer, and rear door.
2. Attach the wires of the new chime to the existing wires and screw down the connections with a screwdriver.
3. Mount the new chime and screw it down using a driver.
4. Unscrew the old push button with a screwdriver and break those wire connections.
5. Attach the new push button wires to the existing wires using a screwdriver. If the new chime is digital, you may need to add diodes, which should be included with the chime.
6. Drive the new push button housing into the old screw holes.

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How to Repair a Broken Doorbell | Ask This Old House


  1. We ended up exchanging this model for the slimmer version https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugkx0jZ_lGlDVJhDnmagEU8gn47cmfPNlLQU because it was too wide for the only door trim area that made sense to mount it on. However, we should have just noted the dimensions prior to purchasing. Otherwise, we love the doorbell. It works perfectly, and the video is very clear, even at night.

  2. Nobody has a video on how to get it out of the wall. Mine is stuck in a box in a wall

  3. Apparently the original chime location allowed the always-in-the-kitchen wife to easily hear it.

  4. Did he have to turn the power off? I need to replace mine because of some wierd ticking coming from an one.

  5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  6. The homeowner banter always cracks me up. I'm sure the producers prep them before like "ok guys, just keep it real conversational and light. Pretend like the cameras ain't even here."

  7. dont bother to spend 100 dollars to call out an electrician to fix this old sht. just buy a new wireless kinetic door bell..only 20 dollars. It gaves u 20 different sounds. and it never runs out of battery.

  8. pathetic speaker "chime"

  9. My painter took off my old door bell & did not mark the wires how do I figure out which is the transformer and the front?

  10. Well you didnt repair it, you replaced it. Just saying.

  11. do you have to disconnect power?

  12. The best video on doorbell repair.

  13. That's too difficult, it's easier to buy a new house.

  14. Thanks this old house I am going to get the volt meter and start my repair or replace right now. I appreciate the video.

  15. Why place the chime in a different spot? You’ve got a nasty hole to look at now.

  16. I miss scott, I mean I like keith but scott is a OG lol. Either way both amazing electricians! Some day I’ll get there

  17. A couple things that aren’t great here. First of all, running a wire through the stairwell isn’t a great option and puts it at risk for being damaged. The original location seems fine and close enough to the door. Secondly, instead of the electronic chime box, most people I’ve talked to prefer the simple mechanical ones. Much more pleasant sound. He should’ve just used the one in his demonstration lol.

  18. So let me guess she has an ugly wire hanging from her closet. These guys are such tools and this is what happens when women dont have a quality man in the house..

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