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How to Install a Delta® Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Follow along as Mike and Hannah show how easy it is to install a Delta® single handle pull-out faucet and flush the supply lines in this step-by-step tutorial.

You’ll Need:
– A Phillips head screwdriver
– 2 wrenches
– Safety glasses
– A flashlight
– A pot or bucket
– A towel

0:00 Intro
1:02 Mounting Faucet
2:46 Connecting Supply Lines
4:15 Flush Supply Lines
5:25 Connect Sprayer Hose

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  1. Thank you so very much for this video! I actually put the faucet in and hooked everything up myself and feel so proud! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Thank you for the video! My install went well but when I was done, I had two plastic ferrules left in a bag! A call to Delta Help and was told that if I were to cut either water supply line to shorten the lines, the ferrules would be necessary.
    I loved your spacious under-sink cabinet, but didn't see your food disposal unit or supply and drain lines for the dishwasher. Just as well, if my cabinet looked like that, I would have to work to keep my young grandkids from camping out in there.

  3. Written directions are garbage… ty

  4. This is the best video I ever seen thank you so much

  5. VOILA! Thanks to you guys I just did my first plumbing job. I feel so empowered! The part where ya hold the bucket under the sink and turn on the faucet was a challenge. So now I am a plumber and a contortionist.

  6. Video is great but supply lines are cheap….. they force you into high end faucets to get better quality….. and it’s not that much to exchange the supply lines
    But easy video to follow …. Done in 30 min

  7. This video should be linked to the faucet box ….. it’s easy to follow and could save you headaches of installing.

  8. I was really upset because the paper directions included with the faucet were for the wrong model, and competently different. But this video was fantastic and makes up for it!

  9. What is the flushing for?

  10. Now do it with a Garbage disposal, a dishwasher and an under sink reverse osmosis system installed, all with the stub outs roughly parallel to the bottom of the sink. Joke of a video

  11. I'd have preferred if the included instructions matched the parts given.

  12. Good video, much easier to follow than the paper instructions. My new Delta replaced the original faucet from when this house was built in 1969. It took me almost three hours to get the old faucet off–the underside was coated with an amazing lime buildup!

  13. Do you use the foam ring that comes with the gasket?

  14. Still doesn't help. Delta has 4 different faucet body mounting systems. And 4 different seals at the body-to-top interface.
    Show all 4.

  15. Well-done Video! I have to agree with other commenters – the instruction manual provided with my faucet is very poor – incomplete and forced me to come here to try to figure out what was missing.

    Have you tried reading the awful box instructions?! …I tried, but couldn’t make sense of it until I saw your video. Again, THANKS! 😅

  17. I bought and installed the Delta Savile model because I thought the faucet could be installed with the handle in any location. It seems to be a good operation. The powerblast spray feature is useless. I would prefer a softer "flood" spray instead, as the option.

    What I want is a sink faucet I can place the handle in the middle, instead of the right or left side. I have a double sink. I'd prefer the handle in the middle, over the middle divider of the sink.

  18. The reality is, it is never as easy as any video portrays. PEX is usually way too long, needs to be manipulated. Conversion couplings are often necessary. And trying to secure the hub can be a nightmare, never enough room

  19. Fully admit this was a help, but was more motivational than reality produced. Nope, from the base mounting plate differences in our Delta faucets -to the included translucent ferrules with their accompanying warning about the importance of using them, then to find out they're for a different faucet (mine had the ferrules built in) – the owner's instruction manual is a HUGE embarrassment to the Delta Company. This made the job a bit easier. Thanks.
    Delta needs to invest in better tech writers- NOW!

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