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🟑How to Repair a Water Damaged Drywall Ceiling – part 1 of 2

Part 1 of Repairing a Water Damaged Ceiling. I’m going to show you In Depth, how I repair a water damaged ceiling as Pro. I’ll teach you step by step how to fix a ceiling that has had water damage. I’ve been a drywaller for 35 years and owned my own business called Mr Patch Drywall for 15 years.

This is Part 1. You can find Part 2 by clicking on the thumbnails at the very end of this video.
Or click this link- https://youtu.be/FlOo5wjYT-c


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  2. Im new so any advice would be appreciated. I thought you had to replace the drywall to prevent mold issues. How do you make sure there is no mold later before fixing it like this? Thanks for the content.

  3. That is literally exactly how mine looks that I’m trying to fix.

  4. What if you are not sure where leak is coming from? My kitchen ceiling leaks but only if its a crazy storm not sure where its getting in at. I had the people that did my roof – come back out and check it but they said its fine and they were unsure where water is coming from. Its a flat rubber roof. It doesn't leak for long maybe drips for like 10 minutes then stops. I think its coming in from somewhere out and going down inside above the ceiling. I was trying to avoid having someone come out and cut part of ceiling out to see.

  5. I have same thing .just sink was full and got flood for 15 mins on first floor. So my celing down stairs got damaged but I'm worried if mold grows inside even after i fix it..I have asthmatic kid .I'm worried now.

  6. Thanks for the great video. You have given me enough confidence to tackle a similar problem at home

  7. Were you ever a RED HORSE guy?
    Assuming you were structures.

  8. What is the name of the song in the background?

  9. RE: the spray adhesive; is it special for dry wall tape or is it a general purpose spray adhesive? After watching both parts I think that I can do this! Thanks a million.

  10. Hey there, I live off-grid in a climate that experiences 90%+ humidity during July and part of August. Almost all of the drywall tape in our 30-year-old home is not only peeling away from the wall but it’s literally sagging inches away from the wall. It’s a nightmare. I’m going to attempt the repairs one room at a time but due to the humidity, I’m stuck choosing between mesh, paper, or fibatape. I plan on doing the repair in September when the humidity drops under 30% but as far as the longevity of the new job is concerned, I’m worried it will pop off again next July – or fail within a few years. As I said, we’re off-grid so running dehumidifiers/fans isn’t an option. Any tape suggestions on tapes that can withstand the extreme moisture we see in summer? Thanks!!

  11. I wish I could send a photo of my damaged ceiling so you could give me some idea how to fix this mess.

  12. are you using drywall screws?

  13. your videos are the only ones I watch for everything ceiling and your tool reviews! many thanks

  14. do you use the same methods for loose tape along the wall edges?

    how long (if ever) will moisture evaporate from the space above the ceiling?
    if the ceiling is merely discolored from water damage can it just be repainted?
    will running a dehumidifier in the room with the damage ceiling make a real difference in drying ceiling damage and the space above it?

  16. What about around a door where you go from brown paper to painted wall?

  17. With 5 min I normally Put a thin layer on my forearm and once it is dry I know the rest is also dry.

  18. Do you have video for repairing sagging ceiling caused by water damage?

  19. How to do it right, well thats debatable becuse for every job there are at least 5 ways give or take to go about it, so its more a how to do it like you would, not saying your way is bad, or right its the way you learned and works for you.
    But there are other ways to do it and get similar results.

    This is not a cut down by any means you do very good work, I cant say I always agree we all have out own ways to do things and its a good idea to look at sevral differnt ways to find what works best for you.

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