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How to install an amp and sub in your car | Crutchfield video

Installing an amp and sub in your vehicle is a straightforward process, but not without its potential challenges. This video shows you a typical installation and the tools and best practices that’ll help your project become a success.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Project overview
2:23 Running power wire from the battery
3:26 Getting through the firewall
4:55 Installing the fuse
6:32 Routing the power wire to amp location
7:18 Finding a grounding point
8:20 Getting signal to the amp
9:00 Tapping into the factory radio harness
9:56 Hooking up the line output converter
10:13 Running the RCA cables to the amp location
11:36 Connecting RCA & power at the amp location
12:49 Connecting the speaker wire from amp to sub
13:26 Recap

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  1. where are you based and how much you charge to fit Subwoofer in BMW 520 D Estate??

  2. Getting it installed is the easy part for me at least but when it comes to tuning the amp, I'm like nope I just have a really good local car audio shop (Rhudy's) tune the amp for me instead.

  3. Is the rem necessary or will they work without?

  4. How cute. I installed my first amp back in 2000

  5. Very informative video, one of the most clear and simplistic videos, easily showing what you need to do, helped so much 🙂

  6. The Crayon in 7 Minutes was adorable

  7. Couldn’t have made it look easier, great job with the video tutorial

  8. Or you could just tap into the nearest speaker in the car to avoid pulling the dash apart

  9. This video made me want to go buy all the stuff. And install it on my truck

  10. Where can you get a coat hanger ? And could it be something else thats works good to ?

  11. if i have a headunit that already has rca audio outputs do i still need any amp? not 100% sure on audio it’s always been my weak spot. thanks!

  12. Hi i have a factory amp and sub… can i connect the converter from the factory amp?

  13. Installing a new stereo was easy. This scares me.

  14. I ordered my alpine single din from Crutchfield the UTE 73BT is locked and loaded and ready to rock the block i dunno if I want to add an amp and sub just the upgraded head unit vastly increased my hoopties sound performance thanks' Crutchfield dudes

  15. What size of speaker wire are you running

  16. Thank God My Battery Is In The Trunk Lmao

  17. Is the sub and amplifier just sitting on the floor of the cargo area? Or are they strapped in? Can the sub and amp be easily removed/moved if the owner ever needs to use the cargo area for some hauling? We have a Buick Enclave with the third row seats flat, so we have a large cargo area with a WeatherTech cover for it. A few times a year, I load up the back with compost and/or mulch for the landscape. Hence my question about portability of the sub and amp.

  18. So I’ve got a Mazda cx5 2018, and has factory speakers, and the infotainment Mazda connect unit,
    The sub I have has a built in amp with high input , will I still need a converter to tap into signal to have rca input ?

  19. So I put the remote turn on on a 12 volt?

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