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How to Repair Stone Chips a yours CAR HOOD/ Touch UP!!!

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The video is intended for both professionals and amateurs.
The video shows how to get rid of deep scratches without changing the part, paint, etc.
With a little care, you can do this at home for very little money.
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Your AMD detailing

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  1. I have purchased the file, what is the applicator needle called? I can't find anything similar

  2. Can this technique be used with touch up pen ?

  3. can I get this acrylic paint for my mazda 3 2016? it's red soul 41v . If I can't find paint with clear coat, what I do then ?

  4. Where and how do you get the paint and hardner?


  6. How would you fix a chip that has spidered out. It’s a chip but has 6 cracks extending from the chip.

  7. Can anyone give amazon link for products used. Thanks

  8. this was great thanks

  9. If I repaired the stone chip already (base + clear coat on top) with touch up paint that did not match, is there a way to fix this?

  10. Amazing job !! I appreciate your thorough explanation on how to repair stone chips! I look forward to repairing the chips on my SUV, thanks to your video!

  11. Wow I never knew of this type of process for repairing road chips on paint ? Re: the paint acrylic is that something I ask for when ordering paint ? And do I order through dealer or online through aumotive supplier idk the results were awesome and looks easy just hv to take my time as you were saying.
    Jhn corona, ca

  12. ohhh si esa lima tuviera aca la de problemas que me ahorraria en el trabajo :,(

  13. Show it on silver🤗 or different colour then black

  14. عالی بود. موفق باشی!!!

  15. Hey great video! I have one of those files. Are there paint colors that this exact method will not work on? Like paint that has flake/pearl in it?

  16. Wow! Amazing video! What a transformation. Thank you.

  17. Question, when i buy a touch up paint from a paint supplier can i add additional hardener to get it to dry faster ?

  18. That was a effing amazing job 👏🏼 😊

  19. Great video, what type of polish did you use ?

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