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Part 1 How To Repair Open Wallpaper Seams – Spencer Colgan

Here is Part 2:

Seam repair is a nasty reality of old wallpaper. Nevertheless, it is the way to go if you want to fix it inexpensively! Here is how to do it.


  1. OMG get to the point please!

  2. He uses steam, but you can just dampen with a wet sponge.

  3. So boring, nearly fell asleep.

  4. Great video, but as an amateur I going to ask what must be a silly question for those that do this often, so: It appears the wallpaper is releasing as he steams it. Is that what you want to happen, knowing it will be glued back down properly…so that you don't have to worry with the releasing you just caused?

  5. i cant get along with this fella. pro dec.

  6. You should have been an actor. Watched for the drama.

  7. I've finally found a cure for my insomnia. Thankyou

  8. Falling Down part 2-the wallpaper scene(with more passionate acting than Michael Douglas)

  9. Lets watch again. My pulse is still over 45.

  10. I had to shut this off. This guy is crazy fell asleep. He’s so dramatic. Just get to it tells how to fix the fucking thing.

  11. Hi would you advise the same solution for resolving lifting the seams of wallpaper if the wallpaper has been painted over? Or would that be a different process?

  12. Holy crap does this dude take a long time to get to the important points. 13 minute video with 60 seconds of useful direction. And he doesn't even get done. You have to go to part 2. lol

  13. I’m not even 25% of the way done, and I cannot wait any longer for him to get to the point.

  14. Is it wierd that I answered all of his questions out loud?

  15. Holy Cow my man. I came for tips with my 152 yr old house. I found solid gold!! Magnificent video, Christopher Walken talks wallpaper.

  16. After consideration I am wondering why you just don't go straight to the liquid nails since that is ultimately what you're gluing with, what do these extra steps accomplish?

  17. I agree with others as to the cadence of your verbal walk-through. Consider incorporating a good Christopher Walken impersonation which would match your cadence but increase the entertainment value two-fold. That would be epic.

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