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How to Install a Rain Shower Head

A rain shower screams luxury, but did you know you can install one yourself without a full bathroom renovation? We’ll show both a simple wall installation and a more involved ceiling installation.

Difficulty Level: Advanced. If you are not 100% confident with plumbing and drywall repair, Lowe’s recommends that you hire a professional. Call 1-877-GO-LOWES or visit https://low.es/334Yhid to learn more about installation services through Lowe’s.


Moen rain shower head – https://low.es/2RYPmtX
Shower arm extension – https://low.es/32eB1hF
Drop pipe – https://low.es/2XOdvZC
Crimping tool – https://low.es/2G8H2Dt
Brass female adapter – https://low.es/2Xp2q1E
Brass drop-ear elbow – https://low.es/2FQDky3
Brass elbow – https://low.es/32btCQs
PEX pipe cutter – https://low.es/2RUySTy
Copper crimp rings – https://low.es/2Xs1Jjw
Plumber’s tape – https://low.es/2YAdSUP

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  1. Why rainshower head is not standard thing in usa like other countries?

  2. My Dad would say turn that wrench around boy!

  3. Anyone know if the ceiling needs to be dropped in order to have rainfall shower coming from ceiling? Can it run along the joists or is that considered the attic?

  4. On the Ceiling mounted method, what is the depth of the drop ear elbow in relation to the finished surface (1/2" drywall)? Can it.be flush with the ceiling drywall or should it be recessed in toward the framing?

  5. 5:23–The crimp ring is set back where you cant get to it; it's inaccessible. 5:24–Let's just show the tool crimped somewhere closer but not on the ring. A better solution is to fab up the section first, then drop it through the ceiling.

  6. That`s beautiful video! We are doing our shower room renovation with rain shower head of ceiling. I`m a bit confused with correct its positioning… Can you advise me please, how far the drop pipe must be of the walls if we have a diamond shaped shower screen 1000*1000 mm and a square rain shower head 300*300 mm, please? I realize that it would be better to place it straight at the centre, but in case of square screen. What about diamond? Thank you

  7. Well I'm about to go fukk up my shower, make sure to keep my plumber on speed dial

  8. Improve your shower experience 🤣

  9. No one wants JUST a rain head. Ask any woman how often they wash their hair. Pretty hard to stand under one of these and NOT get your head wet.

  10. How do I do this in a finished tile shower already?

  11. 5:35 screwing the 2by4 too low then magically it moves a bit up

  12. This video was helpful I actually whent out and got the tool used in the video and replaced the shower head in My bathroom instead of calling a plumber. After watching this video

  13. Thanks for making this EASY!

  14. What if we want a regular shower head AND the rain feature from the ceiling? Maybe do a video on that?

  15. Who likes these things. I thought we were supposed to be trying to conserve water, but those rain shower heads use water like crazy, and they have no oooomph, no pressure. What do people like about these?

  16. So if I want to install a rain shower or shower howler head need to knock down the whole wall?

  17. I love learning abt this stuff. It rly motivated me

  18. Thanks for all the fun, but informational videos…

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