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How to Install a Fender Tremolo Bridge | Fender

In this Fender University video, Fender R&D guitar development director Chris Fleming demonstrates the proper installation of a tremolo bridge on a new Fender body, and how to “float” a vintage-style tremolo. Specific genuine Fender guitar bodies have pre-threaded bridge post inserts, making tremolo bridge installation easier and helping to prevent finish nicks and scratches during installation.

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How to Install a Fender Tremolo Bridge | Fender


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  2. It seems like a good idea to put some painters tape on the body to help keep from scratching, especially for a beginner. 3M blue tape would be good.

  3. I never in my right mind considered working on any of my guitars. But I now believe I could actually do something like this and have it come out good. This might be a new phase of my life. Thank you.

  4. This is excellent, thank you. I appreciate you walking us through both the traditional tremolo (which I am installing today) and the two post one.

  5. Nice but no holes anywhere on new body.Thanks anyway

  6. Don’t be confused as he keeps misusing the term, ‘floating.’ 😮😂

  7. Vous laissez les poussières et résidus de bois en place, sur la guitare et le plan de travail… C'est ça la qualité Fender?

  8. Hello, my new American standard Stratocaster 2015 with two pivot screws bridge seems to have the bridge no parallel to the body..the shop put 10 high E gauge string and before it was 9. Now the treble side seems to be lower and in fact the sound of e b g is not beautiful( I had also a little G buzz solved with loosing truss-rod and getting higher saddle). IM scared; till now my classic vibe 50 squier Stratocaster sounds and plays better with more sparkle in 2 e 4 positions , and here in Italy costs 400 euro instead of American standard is 1600 euro. The American strat has the fat hot 50 pickup and they are very hot and powerful and the fender specs of pick up height should be change for them( not 2.4 mm bass and 2mm treble..but it needs to definitely lower the height ).this being said , according to you , should I work on the 2 lateral pivot screws to put the bridge parallel and should I raise a bit the bridge screw or should I work with springs opening the back of the guitar? Thanks

  9. if you dont have any wax a bar of soap works good on the screws

  10. Ugh at the claw screws going directly into wood! Horrible structural design flaw! Particularly if there is going to be tension, AND worse: vibration. There is way too much pressure on the screw threads pushing against wood that will damage the wood and is a very weak support joint. There should be screw inserts in there, and probably more than two contact points.

  11. How do you drill those claw holes? I got a body without any screw holes, and those two on the back are bugging me.

  12. My Fender body did NOT have the stud bushings installed. Now I'm stuck because they won't go in.

  13. Fender needs to stop calling vibrato "tremolo." It's a different thing. Just because you've been making the same mistake for 70 years doesn't mean it makes sense to keep doing it…

  14. This was a super helpful video. Thank you!

  15. I have an old Kaman GTX33 with a broken neck. I want to replace the neck but the body was made for a floyd rose type bridge – and I'd like to put a fender style tremelo on it instead. Is this even possible? It looks to me as though the hole is about the same size, it just has that back area for the allen wrench adjustments behind the floyd rose saddles. Shouldnt be a problem beyond asthetics though right?

  16. Tremolo?? Why perpetuate this misnomer?? It’s VIBRATO!!

  17. Who knew Freddie Roach could install tremolos!?

  18. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  19. Could include the drill bit size needs to pilot the holes for both contemporary and vintage tremolo?

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