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How to Repair a Broken/Damaged Fishing Rod Guide

For any of you that spend a decent amount of time on the water, you know it’s inevitable that your equipment will take a lot of abuse no matter how careful you are. One of the most common failures in our equipment is rod guides bending, inserts coming out or the entire guide snapping off clean. Instead of paying too much for shipping costs to send your rod somewhere to get the guide or entire rod replaced, you can replace the guide at home easily and cost effectively. Please give a THUMBS UP if you like the video, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to see more videos in the future. COMMENT what you thought of the video and let me know what else you’d like to see!


  1. I used finger nail polish for years never had one break loose. These are catfish rods so not too concerned with “looks”.

  2. Rod/reel combo with fishing kit as an emergency setup https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxntWMOZsO1Zfv-pdn_XuffEtNkTYAYu4Z recommend but started to use this every day. The rod is thick and seems durable. I keep it neatly tucked into a regular backpack all the time with my fishing gear, and can grab it anytime, put it on my back and go anywhere. I just read in another review that the rod length below the reel is adjustable as well, so I will try that too for even more portability. Probably the best setup I've ever owned. I lost the cap for the eyelets, but no big deal since I still have the black cloth sheath that came for the pole and I use that. Very portable and high quality.

  3. Love this. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxntWMOZsO1Zfv-pdn_XuffEtNkTYAYu4Z recommend Got it a couple weeks ago hated having to wait almost 2 weeks to get it out fishing. This pole is one of our new catfish poles. It stood up quite well today. It casts great. It reels smoothly. The pole is easily collapsible. friend ended up catching only one fish because we didn't have too long to fish, and he reeled it in easily. Good buy. Hubby is happy so I am happy! Looking forward to warmer temps so we can spend more time playing with it!

  4. Another tip. Be VERY CAREFUL witht heat you apply, especially if repaired a guide near the tip of the blank where its very thin. Take it from somebody who has learned the hard way… you can easily damage the blank with too much heat and destroy your rod. JUST ENOUGH HEAT TO MELT THE RESIN.

  5. Can you get the camera a bit closer to your work Thanks Costa

  6. excellent video thank you. But and I am wondering if there is a way to just put some plastic back in the guide? The smallest guide on my 7 medium heavy fast, the tip guide, end guide, whatever the term is I am not sure since I fish some but have never done any actual rod crafting or maintenance…. Anyway the guide is still on the and secured, but it is all metal now, the plastic in it stripped off or something. And my dad’s friend who had previously been a guide and is wayeeee more experienced than me pointed it out to me and said yah you could just do it yourself. Lol, which led me to search out this video. So is there a way to just put some plastic back onto it?

  7. Where did you get that rod holder? Been looking for them, ebay, and Amazon. I have seen couple on videos that have couple thread holders also just like one you got, but with bottom to it. Can't find what there called, or where there sold.

  8. Nice video for this inexperienced person. Easy to follow and complete.

  9. You didn’t say which Loctite that was that you were using but , by the color of the squeeze bottle , I that it was ultra gel control . That is the one that I prefer to use because it partially sets the quickest , thereby keeping you from holding the two things that you are trying to hold together too long .

  10. Hate to throw away a perfectly good rod because of a broken guide. Manufacturer don’t want it back, they just sent me a new one instead.

  11. Is the rod dryer necessary or can it just air dry

  12. Thank you for this video. I am going to try this out on my rods that need new guides. You saved me a lot of money. Keep posting your tips. Easy to watch and no bs.

  13. I know this video is pretty old but I need to repair the top guide on my baitcasting pole. I would think that is a different process. Any info would be appreciated 🤙🏻 Thank you

  14. Brother your vid is great! No fluff before the tutorial, just gettin right with it. Thanks

  15. How do you repair the old pin rods with a cork on it my dad gave me his and the whole court and the real is loose I was wondering do you think there's a repair kit for it or is it just done with

  16. I did this to a free rod from the side of the road, I had it for a bit and then I got a penn long beach for 5 dollars so I finally fixed it, already had all the supplies just never got around to it. Don't have a turner so I sat and turned it for a while.

  17. And where can we get everything that you used in this video

  18. Can you do this on any rod. I have two eyes on the fourth and fifth eyes of my rod to the top to replace

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