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How To Install A Commercial Door Closer

In this video we’re continuing on with our recent door series and installing a commercial door closer in our office. These closers can be a bit tricky when you first get started. Most closers come with a guide or template for hole placement, however, this exact model does not include one so we wanted to take the time to go over how we’d assemble them in the field without a guide or template. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Commercial Door Closer: https://amzn.to/3kfKUqL

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  1. Oh my god. You are a god send. I am apprenticing on door installation with my father but he is a horrible teacher and gets incredibly angry if I ask any questions, he says I should learn just by watching him and your videos have helped me a ton to understand questions I wanted to ask him but didn't because of his short temper. I am taking notes on each door installation video you make and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and effort that you have put into these videos. We install timely frames, knock down, punch hole, welded frames, eliason swing doors, EZ concealed hinges frames, Western Integrated frames, pocket doors, you name it…..we install it. I want to start setting frames and hanging doors but all he has me do is hand him tools and take trips to the truck to get more tools. You can see why I am frustrated and upset, a 10 year old can hand somebody tools. I am ready to get the job done on my own and so glad that you have the patience and knowledge to describe how to install frames and hang doors. It's not rocket science, I don't know why my pops is just so difficult to work with but THANK YOU!!!! You have earned a loyal subscriber to the channel, without a doubt.

  2. TY MAC; and God Bless your all -American business with big profits and gains!

  3. 1:45 You should put painters tape and do all your marking on that. I shows up Much better and no forgetting to erase marks.

  4. The part I wanted is the one you didn't do, the winding up of the arm 🙁

  5. Thank you It really helped!

  6. Does it stop the door from hitting the wall when u open it ?

  7. How did you wound it up!! That was the most important part

  8. I had heard that someone was working incorrectly with a closer arm and because of the tension when he was trying to disconnect it, it smacked him in the mouth and I think he lost some teeth because of it. I'm totally new to this and would appreciate it if you can tell me how to prevent this sort of injury with a closer arm under tension. Thank you, great video!

  9. Thank you Kevin and Mitchell Acoustical!! I bought an almost identical closer from Amazon and the directions were literal crap and there was no template. I consider myself pretty competent with projects and instructions, however after reading the book twice, studying the engineering drawings from all angles, reading reviews online and checking out photos, I was still at a loss of where to even begin…until I found your video! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and going step-by-step. Thank goodness I had the exact same setup (left hand door, concealed closure, with parallel arm) and the door closure itself had the same measurements. Your instructions and the order you went in were literally the opposite of what I was planning to do, so THANK YOU. Much time and frustration saved 😀 The only part that wasn't clear to me was placing the Mounting bracket plate (9-1/4" over) I wasn't sure where the 9-1/4 equated on placing the bracket, however you answered in comments that it was the furthest center of screw holes and the first set of screw holes is at 7-1/16. That's awesome you answer your viewers! I learned so much from this one short video that I think will help me with many projects in the future. Thank you and thanks also for the additional video explaining the adjustments in detail! You guys rock!

  10. Why didnt you show how you wound up the door?

  11. I wish you would have shown the exact process of winding the closer arm in real time step by step. This is the part I struggle with. Thanks for your videos I think they are great .

  12. I got lost when you installed swing arm. What is a reverse angle and how did you crank it up? Thanks.

  13. Can I put this on a metal door with a circle knob?

  14. Good job my friend like you video

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