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How To Repair a Computer Power Supply (or other switching power supply)

UPDATE: The big double Schottky diode has 2 anodes and 1 cathode. Sorry, I accidentally told it the wrong way around :).

In this video I show how to repair an ATX computer power supply and what are the most common failures. Most of these tips can apply to any switch mode power supply (SMPS).

Watch my previous video – How Does a Computer Power Supply Work:

Schematics of AT and ATX computer power supplies:

My ATX power supply tester:

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-This video is not intended for laymen.
-Computer power supplies contain hazardous mains voltage!
-Risk of electric shock and death.
-Risk of fire.
-Leave repairs to professionals.
-You do everything at your own risk and responsibility.


  1. Thank you for this video! My psu only work if I slap it but before that I can here it clicking and not power on. When it works it stays clicking continuosly. Whats up with this?

  2. Hello. Can someone please help me to fix my PSU ? It's made by great wall 1250w and it's exactly the same like ocz zx 1250w PSU . It turns on half second and relay automatically shuts it down. I would really appreciate if someone could guide me through how to fix it, what to check and how ? I have multimeter. Thanks

  3. ups, gotya 😉 @7:20 – "Dual Common Cathode Schottky Rectifier"

  4. You sound like someone making fun of an accent 😅

  5. I have a cooler master and inside are 2 huge capacitors, one of which is leaking electrolytic fluid, swollen at the top. PC does not turn on.

    When i bridge Green and Black and switch on PSU the fan does spin ok, but when i try again the fan does not spin, it is intermittent.

    Can a capacitor cause this?

  6. Borat is that YOU ??? thanks 4 the video!

  7. do you have any video on how to test that "socket" with lightbulb for lights instead of mainsbreaker? could be nice video

  8. Hey man you are AWESOME! & I love your videos! The only thing that bugged me was how LITTLE flux you used lol, I'm the kind of person that drowns it in flux lol, but for real though you got some good content keep it up!

  9. I replaced the 240v fuse for the broken psu with a 250v fuse available be burnt , but plugged it in and it exploded! So just use the equivalent 250v fuse??

  10. Thank you so much. Im a noob, so i guess buying a new onecwil be better on a short solution. Got a lot of power supplies. Will try in future

  11. This is a really good instruction video. I really appreciate your way of explaining things.

  12. how did you create the short tester box i need one also plz

  13. who else shocked themselfs with condensator while removing the board?

  14. So the Acer 220w PSU I have does not boot the computer (another PSU starts it so it is the PSU that is the issue). You can hear a lower than normal crackle when you plug it in.

    I cant see any puffed capacitor or anything loose or anything burned. I do not have a multimeter right now.

    And it has no visible fuse on any side of the circuitboard.

    The computer was filled with dust when I found it (CPU packed with thick dust) so I think there might be some overheating isssue that caused it.

    Do you have any suggestions

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