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How to earn money as a Freelancer in 2021 : A step-by-step Guide

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Much of the rise in the freelancer economy (and the gig economy) has been helped by technology that allowed transient workers to connect online with potential clients
This made it possible to showcase talent and skills in the public domain making it more readily accessible to prospective clients. Businesses could more easily find individuals that matched their project requirements either by contacting them directly through the platform or by listing a brief and receiving proposals from freelancers.
Technology also opened up the global marketplace, widening the net for both freelancers and organisations. It was more efficient and reduced the need to rely solely on local networking events, marketing and in-person meetings so more time could be spent working on projects. It effectively helped the freelancer economy to prosper.
It has allowed organisations to tap into expertise that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford, helping them to scale faster, without having to resort to expensive agencies. Firms could make bite-sized investments in projects — such as the launch of a new micro-site or additional software engineers to help with an app — and there was no long-term contract to get caught up in.
Indeed, even for larger organisations, it provided expertise to supplement existing employee skills or to focus resources on key projects. It can avoid employees being distracted from their core work, allowing freelancer teams to help the business grow.
In this video, we discuss how a beginner can start his journey of becoming a freelancer and how is the future ahead for the freelance economy in India.

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  1. Thanks, your viedo is very good and informative, could you present on VLSI tech skills and job mkt, because it's very usefull to all.

  2. For a few months now I have been searching tirelessly for information on how to start investing. I even payed $1000 for a course that I now regret. It appears that there is no structured guidiance for beginners on how to get started in this realm. I've come across several investors making well over $250k/annum and would be grateful if anyone on here could provide insights on how to get started, identify potential stocks, when to make an entry, exit etc.

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